Friday, February 05, 2010

"'ll have to totally do Jerry."

A blog-post or so ago I put together an outfit for my sister which proved to be a lot more difficult than I had expected. Color choice and style was a big factor in her ensemble and the choice of color made for her was what gave me the most problems. With that said I was able to put something together that I liked. Her comments assured me I did a solid job and she showed her interest to see what I have in store for her husband.

I decided that my next challenge would be Jerry and knew I'd have a lot of fun with his get-up. Being a big baseball fan and also quite active I already had a few ideas for him. He's a Boston Red Sox fan so I already had it in mind that I'd create his gear around a classic cap. Another important factor is comfort and it had to stand up to his active lifestyle.

The clothing had to be loose but not baggy durable but not rough. While deciding on his pieces I found a couple of items I just couldn't commit to, I liked them both so I had to throw them into the mix. Below is the final product or products.

Option 1:

Boston Red Sox 1946 Era

-Eckley Thermal Henley

-Volcom X Factor Plaid Shirt Gray

Woolrich Wool Town Coat

-Patagonia Continental Pants

-Carhartt Vintage Leather Belt

-Navy Paisley Handkerchief

-Darn Tough Vermont Boot Sock

-Danner Slusher Thrasher

Option 2:

Boston Red Sox 1934 Era

-Dickies Grey Thermal Top

-Volcom X Factor Plaid Shirt

-Woolrich Wool Town Coat Navy

-Darn Tough Vermont Wool Sock

-Danner Slusher Thrasher

I'm not a Boston fan or much of a baseball fan actually but I would totally rock this with or without a tweak of the cap.
Who's next...

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Erica said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed! You know us really well! I love it! You're hired!!! :)
Jerry hasn't seen this yet. He's studying so I'll show him in a bit.