Friday, February 01, 2008


You can hold her hand
But you're still the one that makes her cry
You may be her man
But boy you can't keep this lie

(No) Hold his hand
While asking yourself why
He may Be your man
This boy don't treat you right

(Oh) No no no no no no no
You've both got this mixed and twisted
'Cos no matter all the tears you've shed
When the sun goes down you're off to bed

You can hold my hand
(Oh) As you cry
And he may be your man
Oh girl please don't cry

(Oh) Take my hand
And leave tonight
'Cos I can be your man
And man... Treat you right

Oh oo Oh oo Oh oo Oh oo Oh oo Oh!
Mixed and twisted
Tears you've shed
When the moon comes up, there's my bed...