Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retro Star

I shot this picture in my backyard using the Retro Camera app on my phone.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football Draft

Draft Pick: #1 - QB Drew Brees
Height: 6-0 Weight: 209 Age: 31
College: Purdue
Experience: 10th season
High School: Westlake HS [Austin, TX]

2009: 34TD / 11Int / 4,388Yds /

Pick #24 - WR Robert Meachem
Height: 6-2 Weight: 210 Age: 25
College: Tennessee
Experience: 4th season
High School: Booker T. Washington HS [Tulsa, OK]
2009: 45Rec / 722Yds / 9TD

Pick #25 - RB Pierre Thomas
Height: 5-11 Weight: 215 Age: 25
College: Illinois
Experience: 4th season
High School: Thornton Fractional South HS [Lansing, IL]
2009: 147Car / 793Yds / 6TD

Pick #48 - QB Chad Henne
Height: 6-3 Weight: 230 Age: 25
College: Michigan
Experience: 3rd season
High School: Wilson HS [West Lawn, PA]
2009: 12TD / 14Int / 2,878Yds

Pick #49 - WR Brandon Marshall
Height: 6-4 Weight: 230 Age: 26
College: Central Florida
Experience: 5th season
High School: Lake Howell HS [Winter Park, FL]
2009: 101Rec / 1,120Yds / 10TD

Pick #72 - TE Jason Witten
Height: 6-6 Weight: 263 Age: 28
College: Tennessee
Experience: 8th season
High School: Elizabethton HS [TN]
2009: 94Rec / 1,030Yds / 2TD

Pick #73 - RB Darren McFadden
Height: 6-2 Weight: 210 Age: 23
College: Arkansas
Experience: 3rd season
High School: Oak Grove HS [North Little Rock, AR]
2009: 104Car / 357Yds / 1TD

Pick #96 - RB Thomas Jones
Height: 5-10 Weight: 212 Age: 32
College: Virginia
Experience: 11th season
High School: Powell Valley HS [Big Stone Gap, VA]
2009: 331Car / 1,402Yds / 14TD

Pick #97 - TE John Carlson

Height: 6-5 Weight: 251 Age: 26
College: Notre Dame
Experience: 3rd season
High School: Litchfield HS [MN]
2009: 51Rec / 574Yds / 7TD

Pick #120 - RB Steve Slaton
Height: 5-9 Weight: 199 Age: 24
College: West Virginia
Experience: 3rd season
High School: Conwell-Egan HS [Fairless Hills, PA]
2009: 131Car / 437Yds / 3TD

Pick #121
San Fransisco 49ers Defense

Pick #144 - WR Devin Hester
Height: 5-11 Weight: 190 Age: 27
College: Miami (Fla.)
Experience: 5th season
High School: Suncoast HS [Riviera Beach, FL]
2009: 57Rec / 757Yds / 3TD

Pick #145 - K Dan Carpenter
Height: 6-2 Weight: 225 Age: 24
College: Montana
Experience: 3rd season
High School: Helena HS [MT]
2009: 28FGA / 25FGM / 52Long

Pick #168 - RB Toby Gerhart
Height: 6-0 Weight: 231 Age: 23
College: Stanford
Experience: Rookie
High School: Norco HS [CA]

Pick #169
Carolina Panthers Defense

Pick #192 - K Joe Nedney
Height: 6-5 Weight: 220 Age: 37
College: San Jose State
Experience: 15th season
High School: Santa Teresa HS [San Jose, CA]
2009: 21FGA / 17FGM / 51Long

Pick #193
Washington Redskins Defense

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tighten Up

Cause it's Friday and we all need to jam. I'm a little late jumping aboard the fandom train of The Black Keys, but with their recent album Brothers and the commercialization of their music I'm catching up and getting my full dose. These guys jam... Check out the video for Tighten Up. And turn it up.

In Memory of...

In Memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
October 3rd, 1954 - August 27th, 1990.

My first memory and introduction to SRV was sometime when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I had to have worn out the Family Style tape the Vaughan brothers recorded. I would play that tape from begining to end, side A and side B, again and again, learning the lyrics and falling in love with the blues rock sound. That album has to be one of my all time favorites and still is relevant today. At the time my favorite song to listen to and sing was TIck Tock, I think it really stuck out to me because my youthful heart really believed the lyrics.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puppy Reminds me of Lil Money

I just watched this video and for some reason the puppy's little face reminds me of Lil Money... Lil Money also has a problem with rolling over, he can roll from back to front with ease but from belly to back he looks a little bit like this cute wittle puppy. Check it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Last Exorcism vs Chatroulette

If you sit in front of computer all day, like myself, or listen to talk radio I'm sure you've heard of ChatRoulette by now. If you haven't heard of it, no big deal you're not missing much of anything... Unless you're interested in seeing lots of "guys". And by guys I mean penis! Chatroulette is a video chat site that randomly takes you into the home or office of another guest hence the name.

I have to give it to big business when they learn how to use services or sites like twitter, facebook, chatroulette, etc to their advantage. And that's just what the folks with The Last Exorcism did in the following video. The last good horror movie I saw was Paranormal Activity, I'm ready for this one, who's coming with me?


Austin Burger Bracket - 3rd Base

I'm at home playing with Lil Money, when will I learn that if you hold a teething baby over your head he might drool on you. My phone rings, it's my brother, he says that him and Pumkin are on Congress and says "let's go get a burger". Perfect timing, Lil Money just ate so he's good and I haven't eaten. I tell him to give us a few so we can get ready and roll out.

A dirty diaper change and car trip later I pull up to 3rd Base Bar and Grill. Pumkin didn't make it, it's Monday and he didn't want to miss wrestling. Geez. I walk into 3rd base along side my brother with Lil Money in hand and my Timberland baby backpack. A couple of customers turn to look at me from the bar and I give them the "What the f*ck" look. Yeah, I got a kid. We take our seat and Lil Money is eyes wide open at all the screens.

We were greeted immediately and offered drinks and a menu. One quick glance and we new what we were ordering, I believe it was the Classic Cheeseburger. We ordered. As we waited my brother and I talked about the day and Lil Money bounced on my lap. I'm not sure how long it took but during the time our order was placed and when we got it, Lil Money got tired. And when he gets tired he "hums", if he isn't soothed or hasn't fallen to sleep in a decent amount of time while humming he begins to fuss and whine.

I think you know where I'm going with this... Our order finally made it to the table, a big meaty burger with Cajun flavored fries. I set Lil Money down and began to eat, he was still humming in his chair beside me halfway falling asleep. The burger was pretty good but the fries were the best. it wasn't long before the little guy just couldn't take it anymore, he got fussy so I did my best attempt at holding him and eating like his mom does, but I couldn't get it. I felt like I was dropping crumbs all over him and actually thought I was going to drop a mustardy tomato on him.

Poor kid, he was just too stimulated with all the TVs and people he couldn't crash out, I even had to get up a few times and walk around but that didn't help much cause the TVs are everywhere. Pretty awesome joint by the way, good place to catch the game or fight.

Unfortunately 3rd Base isn't going to rank as high as it possibly could have but that's on my lil guy. But $10 for burger and fries you should be able to make a statement. I guess I was paying for "the best seat in the house".

Austin Burger Bracket - Dan's Hamburgers

Sunday, The Wife and I woke up a bit late. We had a few errands to run and little time to do them in. That's when she said the most beautiful words a man can hear, "Blah blah blah, Go to Dan's, blah blah blah." I heard what I needed to hear. And I am glad there is a Dan's in our sleepy little town.

Dan's: Hello, how may I help you.
DY: Yes ma'am, I'd like a Large Cheeseburger, with mustard, no onions and a small fry.
Dan's: Anything else for you?
DY: Yes, a Medium Cheeseburger, with mayo, no pickles a small fry and add a small mashed potatoes to that.
Dan's: Your guest #70.
DY: Thank you. :)

No matter what number I am it never gets called quick enough. Don't get me wrong, I don't have to wait extremely long or anything, its just that I can NOT wait to have a Dan's Hamburger in possession.

Dan's is an Austin Icon and if you ask me, the BEST burger in town. But for the sake of the burger bracket I must eat, taste and compare it to the competition. A sacrifice I am willing to take. I've enjoyed burgers from Dan's for years, more than I can remember and while they serve more than just burgers I can't stray far from the menu. But if my younger brother orders some chicken strips and gravy, you bes bulee I'm gettin a taste.

Dan's: Number 70, your order is ready, number 70.

I pop up and grab our order, sit down, fumble with my camera and snap a picture. Now, don't let this picture fool you, it does no justice to the supreme aroma and taste I have before me. I was in such a rush to fill my mouth the certified Angus beef that is hugged between toasted buns that I could barely snap the picture before I took my first bite. From the first warm bite to the last, this burger packs all the taste a burger lover needs. The lightly toasted bun soaks up the moistness of the tender beef, the cheese melts with ease in between each and the vegetables are spot on.

Number one in my heart (And belly), Dan's is right on in every way, taste, cost and friendliness of staff, etc. I've only had good experiences and as long as their doors are open I will continue enjoying there food (burgers). By the way, be sure to wash your hands before you leave, if you don't you'll be craving more burgers later as the aroma lingers. Mmm mmmm mmmmm!

Retro Camera Shots

So I don't have one of those fancy porcelain "fruit" phones everyone is raving about, therefore I don't have that fancy camera app everyone is playing with. But I do have a dropped too many times google phone with it's own version of the app. Below are some shots I've taken.

Just messing around.


Lil Money.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Donde Esta La Biblioteca?

For my brother who will be starting classes this semester... Best of luck, hope you have as good of a time as these guys.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Bottle of Bang!

Austin Burger Bracket - Phil's Icehouse

Phil's Icehouse, sweet! From fries to the sourdough bun.

I ordered The Allandale Burger, 86 sliced onions & mayo. The burger comes with an order of mixed, traditional French fries and sweet potato fries. The mixed batch of fries compliment each other well almost as good as the but compliments the tang of mustard. From the first bite I knew I was really going to like this burger. I've never had a burger whose bun was so sweet so that was a nice surprise.

The vegetables however were just there at best, a leaf of iceberg lettuce a couple of thin slices of tomato and some pickles. But my carnivorous nature doesn't mind much but the herbivore in me would appreciate more than just a hint of color between the buns. The cheddar cheese was almost missed as it served as the bonding agent that holds the bun to the patty, I'm not even sure I tasted it that much.

For $7.04 out the door the price is a little much especially since it doesn't come with a drink. Maybe I'm just cheap though. I have to say that Phil's Icehouse hit the sweet spot with it's sweet potato fries and sourdough bun and should be putting up some tough competition against Fran's. I probably wont hit Phil's up for carry out again but if I'm in the area, I might stop by for a burger and brew. You should try them out if you're ever in the Burnet Road area... Oh, but for those of you who try to kill what's already dead, a bit of advice, the burgers here are cooked medium well unless otherwise specified. Mine was pretty pink in some areas of the patty but I'm alright with that.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 By 30

Because, what's a man without goals?

101 in 1001 is in the books, I'm 29 and really what else is there after 29... Dirty? Ahem, thirty. Just the thought sprouted a new gray hair. I never really thought 30 was old, but I never really thought of myelf as ever being 30. In my first 10 years of life my main concern was "when can I go outside and play?". 11 - 20 I still wanted to play but I also had this real life thing sneaking up on me (work). 21 - 30 play hard work hard. At this rate 31 - 40 will be all work no play. I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid.

But enough about me... More about me. :) This is my blog afterall. The list below is in no particular order, has a bit more fun than my 101 list but it should be fun this time, plus I have a lot less days to complete it.

•Move up within department of with another agency.
•Get mouth-load of dental work done.
Eye exam + New contact(s).
•Take a trip to visit The Mannan’s.
•Learn to grill shrimp.
•Get a new tattoo.
•Plan & host Lil Money’s 1st birthday party.
Celebrate wedding anniversary.
Go to Six Flags (Fright Fest).
Acquire & plant a new tree in the backyard.
•Make a damn good Pamarita.
•Stop consuming so many sweets.
•Maintain health (Exercise, Eat right).
•Buy more Notre Dame gear for Lil Money.
Take more pictures of & with Lil Money.
•Celebrate David’s birthday (Party?).
•Go to the park and picnic with Lil Money & The Wife.
Buy Disney Movies for Lil Money. (Beauty & the Beast)
•Get a mani/pedi.
•Get a REAL massage.
•Buy a new flag (American, Texas) and flagpole.
•Go to Retama Park… Come home a winner.
•Take Lil Money to the Greenbelt.
•Have a brothers day.
Take Lil Money to The Zilker Tree.
Have a yard sale.
•Have clothes tailored to fit.
•Learn to grill brisket.
•Finish a year as dad photo project.

Currently listening to: Islands - The xx

Friday, August 13, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Hat Creek Burger Co.

The great thing about this burger bracket is it gives me a "reason" to try out new burgers. And just this week I headed over to the Burnet Road location of Hat Creek Burger Co. Formerly Arby's and its obvious as you look at the sign but I'm glad the Austin company made an effort in reusing and repurposing the signage.

It's lunchtime and I need something to fill the void in my belly. I hop in Natalie (Nissan) and take a short ride from the office to Hat Creek. Skim the the menu and quickly realize I'm not leaving this parking lot without easily spending over $7.00 on burger, fries and drink. regardless though, I make my selection and request a tea to drink, the speaker box blares "That'll be an extra $2.00 for tea". The fuck, what kinda tea is this? Never mind the tea I tell the lady, I'll just take a Dr. Pepper. Still, I checkout with a $7.57 check.

For that price this better be a damn good burger... I'll let you check out the picture first, drop me a comment and let me know what you think...

... I got back to my desk, fumbled around in the bag grabbed my burger and fresh cut fries. The cool thing is that they packed my back with a little ketchup cup, very cool! Unwrapped everything and, well you saw the picture. What the hell is this? The presentation is on par with vending machine hamburgers or something. The fries were cut and packaged like P. Terry's but not at all comparable. Let's just say, that for the price I could've gotten something better at at least two other surrounding burger joints.

Austin Burger Bracket - Waterloo Ice House

Waterloo Ice House, I thoroughly enjoy this place. Not too long ago The Wife and I along with some good friends were pretty much regulars here (South Park Meadows). It's a great place to get your Lone Star fill at a great price and watch sporting events on their high definition flat screens, not a bad seat in the house. But with all the mugs bottom-upped I don't recall ever having a hamburger.

That recently changed; The Wife and I along with Lil Money spent the evening with our good friend CHUBBS. First stop was Wahoo's, good times, then we headed over to Waterloo. I hadn't eaten since lunch so needless to say I was HUNGRY! No need to look at the menu, I'm on a mission and I don't need anything fancy, I just need a standard issue hamburger and it's on.

The burger was good, but it was just a standard issue burger. It got me thinking that maybe I need to change it up a bit. I don't know though, this is a burger bracket not a burger creation bracket. All I'm saying is, for the price I could get a better standard somewhere else. I guess we'll have to see how it does against it's competition, Hill-Bert's.

Horrible picture, I know. It was dark and the camera on my phone doesn't have flash.

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The First Annual Pitchin Washers Tournament

The First Annual Pitchin Washers Tournament
July 31st, 2010

-The Players.-

-Serving it up to Reno.-

-The Final Game.-

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Black Sheep Lodge

I've been wanting to try Black Sheep Lodge for quite some time... I remember when I first saw the sign go up I knew I had to stop in. The reason behind my wanting to patronize this establishment was more about beer selections than burger selection. But there is a competition going on and for the sake of champions the games must go on.

So the last Thursday in July my brothers and I headed over to South Lamar. We had another destination in mind (Resurrection Tattoo) but there was a bit of wait time and I was as usual, hungry. Out the door we went and on to the patio of BSL. We were greeted by what I can only define as an attractive "Austin girl". Yeah, lame description but she was simply dressed for work and it worked. It was a hot one (outside) and I new I wanted a drink so I asked for the list and as she handed it to me she said that margarita's were only $2.00. Yes please! So much for beer.

I ordered The Black Sheep Burger and as I waited our waitress walked up with the deliciousness that is a cool breeze to a hot summer evening... The margarita was refreshing and just what I needed as we were sitting out front, rolling up my chinos above my calves was only helping so much (or so little). I downed it pretty quickly, not in a "we're going streaking" kinda quickly more like a "this car has no AC kinda quickly". Finished it just in time for the arrival of my burger.

My brother and I both got the same thing, rita and burger. He was, I don't know, confused at the site of mixed greens laying on his burger but I enjoyed the mix to the same ole standard of lettuce. The bun, well I can't remember the bun now but the patty was a fatty and juicy. The flavor was on par of what I'd grill up at home, not number one but definitely not the worst just pretty good in a "if I say so myself" kinda way. But for the sake of competition and bragging rights (Note: restaurants have no idea I'm even doing this and therefore aren't concerned with bragging rights in regards to my opinions)... you gotta be on top of your burger game. And for a website that proudly boasts "The No. 1 Burger in South Austin" they kinda left me expecting more.

I'll definitely enjoy Black Sheep Lodge again but this round of The Austin Burger Bracket goes to Doc's Motorworks. Congratulations Doc's you're the first establishment to advance to the next round.

And play along!

101 in 1001... The End

For those of you following and or keeping track, my 101 things to do in 1001 days ends today and with pretty good success. If I say so myself. Although I didn't complete every single goal I set out for myself, I feel accomplished. What started in November of 2007 has just ended July 2010.

Highlights (In order from 1 - 101):
#15. Get a New Tattoo - This was a busy Valentines Day for The Wife and I but we both got some good ink and had a great day.

#25. Get Healthy (Diet & Exercise) - I started P90X in March of 2009 and completed in 3 months later. I took a couple of weeks off then started a modified version for about 2 months. Probably the fittest I had been in 10 years.

#26. Have a Child - I've never known love like I now know love. My life is better with my son in it.

#35. Learn How to Grill Ribs - Mmmm, Baby Backs. Ask The Wife, they were damn good.

#82. Enjoy a REAL Massage - I had never had one before but now I'm hooked.

#7. Finally go on Honeymoon - And the winning lotto number is... Guess I need to play lotto for that to really matter.

#39. Host an Outdoor Movie Night - Since before I was a homeowner I've always wanted to host an outdoor movie night and thought that within 1001 days I would have done that. Nope. That gear costs some coin, maybe in my next 1001 days.

#44. Make a Damn Good Pomarita - Why haven't I done this yet?!

#51. Skydive - If you've got a plane and will let me fall out of it, call me.

#55. Write a Short Story - I wrote one but somehow lost it. True story.


Hopefully these hardcore videos can/will hold you over until I post some actual content on this here blog. Enjoy, I know I do.

Tea Party

Dad Life