Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My 101

Well if you look at the counter above, time is about to expire on me and my list. Well not me, I'm not dying and if I was a counter on my life would just be creepy. With that said, I think I did a pretty good job in completing almost half of my list. Some were fun, dumb, exhausting, educational, healthy and even life changing. Below is what's left to and/or wasn't done.

5. Change light bulbs: (To more efficient bulbs) Uhh, we’ve lived in our house for about 4 years and we haven’t had to change a bulb yet.
Sign a hobo: I gave up on this.
7. Finally go on honeymoon: We WISH.
9. Visit Grandma and Grandpa: I missed too many opportunities to visit Grandma and fear that I’m doing the same with Grandpa. In my defense, my calls often go unanswered or returned.
16. Do one new thing a month: I’m sure I’ve done a few new things since this began but I haven’t kept track.
17. Learn a full song on the guitar: If it takes time and effort… I’m out.
22. Write an original song: I think this takes talent, scratch that, I’ve heard the state of pop music today… I guess I need a few hours, a beat machine, sub par dance lyrics, boobs and blonde hair.
23. Get a bike (
Haro) ride it: I am now waiting on Lil Money.
27. Acquire a new digital camera: I think we’ve been through this.
28. Take a year’s worth of pictures: Working on it.
29. Visit at LEAST one new place in the U.S.: By this I meant city or state which hasn’t happened, but I went to Don Darios this weekend and it was pretty good.
30. Take more pictures of our house and yard: Ehh, nothing worth documenting.
We did lose a tree this season though.
31. Fly a balloon with a note of my 101: Time is about to expire on my list, too late.
32. Buy a CD a Month & write a review: Nah.
39. Host an outdoor movie night: Need a projector and screen, kinda thought I’d have one by now.
40. Host a Halloween party: I think I’ve grown out of this idea.
41. Find a new swimming hole:
5 mile dam.
44. Make a damn good pomarita: Mmm, I might have to do this soon.
46. Bathe cats: It’s a battle that hasn’t recently been conquered… Actually, The Wife did recently bathe Mia (The easy one).
47. Keep records of yard work: We just do it and call it a day.
48. Maintain a Bonsai: Didn’t even try, I have a way with either letting them die or killing them.
49. Bowl with friends/family (150 game): I know I had a couple of good games in March but I’m not sure if I made the 150 mark.
51. Skydive: Crystal, when are we going to finally fall out of a plane?
53: Walk more: What was I thinking when I wrote this, am I a senior citizen, all I do is walk.
55. Write a short story: I wrote one but lost it, true story.
56. Send post cards whenever possible: Really I haven’t gone anywhere; well I did go to Don Darios recently.
57. Work a full week with no personal internet: But how will I blog? When will I find time to read the 94 blogs I follow?
58. Picnic in the park: When the weather is cooler The Wife, Lil Money and I will most definitely get on this.
59. Go skinny dipping: When appropriate.
62. Learn – Crank Dat Soulja Boy: I think I learned it in my head, good enough.
63. Learn how to C-Walk: Still want to do this.
64. Hold my own sign for 15 minutes: Nope.
66. Write my own joke: Cricket… cricket…
67. Carry a pocket sized note pad: In case I’m involved in an intriguing impromptu interview?
69. Purchase my favorite Disney movies:
Stupid vault!
70. Make my own beer: I need to add a kit to my wish list.
71. Make my own shirt: I’m with lazy. Lazy is wearing me. (In other words, hasn’t happened yet).
74. Write a Haiku a week: A haiku a week / I’m admittedly lazy / this haiku is weak.
75. Make a soundtrack of my life: I think of this all the time and haven’t done it.
76. Buy a Bible and read it: Maybe I’ll go to church and “borrow” one… I’ll be forgiven.
78. Ride a train anywhere: What, am I hobo?
79. Buy gifts all year long: Who does that?
81: Enjoy my backyard with my wife: F that, it’s much cooler inside on the couch watching House Hunters.
85. Draw more: I draw a bath for Lil Money every night.
86. Have another “Super Saturday”: Since the first and only one, another has yet to happen.
87. Go to a movie alone: I have too many on Netflix to watch.
88. Learn more about Mexican culture: America doesn’t want them here.
89. Learn about African American Culture: America wishes they never brought them.
90. Learn Spanish: It’s a shame that I don’t already know it.
93. Save a quarter: I have a ton, but I spent them all on
Mocha Frappe’s. Damn you McDonalds and your empty flavorful calories.
98. Pedicure, manicure twice a year: let me just say that my game isn’t quite up to par.
99. Have lunch/dinner with The Cohens: We’ve been slacking on this.
100. Date night with Crystal: It’s a shame that this doesn’t happen.
101. Start a new list: Not for a while.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - What-a-Burger

What-a-Burger… Stephanie this one is for you.

What can I say about What-a-Burger that everyone doesn’t already know? It’s a staple to late night dining and also to some drunken grappling, haha, it has the best ketchup on the planet, and they’ve got the best announcer voice narrating their commercials.

It’s a late Thursday night, well late by my standards these days, it’s a little before nine. But I just scooped up Lil Money from Granny’s house (Ha Granny) and we still need to get home, take a bath, have a bottle and get tucked in. I’m hungry, but that’s like saying the sun is hot and I’m not gonna cook this late, ha, I probably wouldn’t cook if it wasn’t late. Hey, ease up on me, I don’t cook but I can wash a mean dish, bullee dat. What is a boy, ahem; man to do with his late night hunger 20 miles from home. Of course, hit up the orange and white beacon of goodness.

I pull up to the drive thru and not a word.

DY: Uhh, hello?
DY: (Under my breath) C’mon I just heard you talking to the car ahead of me. Hello!
WaB: Sorry, what can I get you?
DY: A #1 w/ mustard and cheese, no onion and a sweet tea.
WaB: Okay drive up to the first window.

My voice and the blasting teenagers voice from the P.A. have now woken (waken, awaken, woke-ted-ed???) Lil Money and he’s beginning to stir. I pull up to the first window and the “bia” is vacant. I sit there contemplating driving away, but sit as patient as possible. The fuck is the deal, take my order, take my money and let me proceed, not that difficult of a concept. Finally lil muffin puff slides the window open whilst having another conversation says that’ll be and she said whatever the price was. I gave her my card, but I had to actually put the mufucker in chubby turkey leg holder cause she didn’t even bother to look out the window as she hung it out. She gave me my card back while simultaneously sliding the window shut. What could possibly be so enticing that she can’t properly do her job; did the voiceover guy make an in house visit and he’s reading items off the menu? Cause if that’s the case then I’m fine with that.

So, 5-10 minutes of wait and transaction time later I pull up to the pick up window was greeted with a smile from a friendlier person, she repeats my order for correctness then hands it to me. I have no pictures of this casualty because I had to scarf it in the car on the way home. I had to, gotta get The King bathed and fed too, time is of the essence.

The burger was fresh and hot, and tastes as good as it always does. The fries were just as hot as the burger a little too salty for my liking and I couldn’t doctor them with ketchup as much as I would have liked cause I was driving but it was all eaten.

Although the food was made to order, they are definitely losing points on a count of poor customer service. That’s one thing I can’t stand, if you’re going to do something do it right, all of it.

Austin Burger Bracket - P. Terry's Burger Stand

First... David, I'm sorry I did this one without you. I was at work, it was lunch time, I was hungry and I wasn't gonna even consider our craptastic cafeteria food.

I took the short drive from my office to P. Terry’s North Lamar location sat in the lengthy drive-thru line awaiting my turn. During lunch a line in and out should be expected as this place is always tightly packed. The cars gradually moved along and I pulled to the speaker:

PT: Welcome to P. Terry’s how may I help you?
DY: Yes, I’ll take a #3, substitute mustard, with a Dublin (Dr. Pepper)
PT: Okay, A #3, sub mustard and a Dr. Pepper, anything else?
DY: No, that’ll be it.
PT: Thank you please pull up.

As I sat in line I knew what I was going to write about their potatoes that are hand scrubbed and cut in the kitchen and then cooked in 100% canola oil. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d describe the burger though.

But I got back to my office and the burger smelled great. Although it’s a double it looks smaller than many other burgers I’ve eaten and/or normally consider. Big burger lover’s, don’t let that detour you from the burger stand, the Black Angus patties, American cheese and locally grown produce compliment each other well and leave me feeling comfortably full. The burger is mouthwatering and the produce is cool and crispy. Mr. Terry has a great thing going over at his shop and should be competing with burger joints in Austin for years to come. Let me also add that the fries although thin are some of my favorite fries anywhere.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Doc's Motorworks

When I found out that my brother was finally coming home I knew I had to have something for us to do. We’ve got years of catching up to do and food and drink to enjoy, I decided the best way to enjoy new eats and each other’s company was to partake in an Austin burger bracket, so I put one together. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the deliciousness that is the best of Austin, try new places and… shiet, who am I kidding, it’s just an excuse to eat too many burgers. Seriously though; before, when my brother came home I only had a few things for us to do and since it was just a vacation it worked out, but now he’s here to stay and this is our summer kick off.

In no particular order we’ll be hitting various burger joints of Austin. Also please note that other than Dan’s Hamburger’s none of the ranks are “official”… In my opinion though, Dan’s is Number 1, Can I get a free burger a month for that endorsement? Kidding, but for real!

Up first David and I stopped in at Doc’s Motorworks on South Congress (NOT SoCo). Just so you know, Monday is a choice day for burgers here. Why, you’re asking… The answer is simple. ½ off burgers on Monday’s, I can get used to this. David and I both ordered a BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger, as we hungrily waited on the competitor to arrive David had me laughing with stories of parties and balls he attended while in the Marines.

We didn’t have to wait too long, our waitress walked up with tray in hand and as she set it down David quietly said to me “Damn, that’s a big burger”. Yes it was and damn good too. Just the right amount of juicy not sloppy, the BBQ sauce was sweet but not overwhelming and bacon was thick with just the right amount of crispiness but not crunchy to where it falls apart with every bite. And it definitely had enough bacon to last every bite. David must’ve been hungry cause he killed his, I on the other hand was a bit slower taking mine down and enjoyed every single bite. In conclusion this was a solid choice in destination and burger to start off the bracket; the fries were, ehhh less than, but this ain’t no damn fry bracket. All’s I got to say is, Black Sheep Lodge, you better have your game on point cause doc’s is bout it!

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Austin Burger Bracket 2010

Friday, July 02, 2010

Fallen Tree

At some point we realized that the loss was inevitable. While its twin grew strong and sturdy the earth took it’s toll on the little one. I’m not really sure what happened, but a year or so ago I noticed that around the base of the trunk something had infested it… It looked as though the trunk was beginning to rot. I attempted to treat it but that came without success. Still, I’m not sure what happened, there weren't any unwanted guests in the tree, maybe it just didn’t take to the earth. Guess it happens.

To some it might just be a tree but it was a part of me, my history and my home. It was only there for a little over 3 years. I remember when The Wife and I first brought the pair home, two trees popping out the back of her SUV, today the bigger one couldn’t even fit. Digging those holes that was to be their new home was exhausting but accomplishing when I had them set. I never had much of a bond with the plants of our yard, most of them are seasonal and not expected to return and as exciting as it is to see them surprisingly the next season its nothing like what I envisioned of the trees.

I always imagine many years down the road if/when I’m not living here anymore that I’d take a drive down to see what became of the trees. Just season to season there’s a big difference in them. And even on my way home I can see them stretching skyward over our fence line. I’m not going to lose sleep over this but the tree will be missed.

[Note]: I don't know anything about the band or song, I just did a search on youtube for "Fallen Tree" and that was one of the results... It sounds nice.

It's been a month...

Yesterday marked a month since The Wife went back to work and I went solo in the evenings with Lil Money. Let me just say, that this week it’s finally taken it’s toll on me. Granted it’s probably due to the recent storms and him getting back on schedule after his run in with the healthcare system, but the lack of sleep has also added up or is it (subtracted down?).

-His little eyes looking back at me as I’m holding him.
-His cute –yeah I said it- little chuckle.
-His cooing, just talking and talking.
-Backyard time.
-Bath time.
-He likes to listen to me play the guitar and doesn’t know I’m no good at it.
-Nap and sleep time.

-Crying (period)

I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years to come. I love the rain and know we need it but I hope it lets up soon, I don’t know what to do with this boy when we can’t spend time outside. I hate watching TV with him and usually only get a few minutes in when he’s napping, otherwise I’m trying to entertain him and keep him happy; talking to him, reading or singing. But he always wants to be carried around and for a little one he does start to get heavy after a while. I can’t wait until he can start crawling and sitting on his own, I guess that will be the next milestone. Plus I’ll be able to get things done around the house before 10pm as he follows me around. That or I’ll have to watch him even closer, making sure he’s not eating cat food.

This boy really loves the taste of his hands. :)