Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#74 Write a Haiku a Week (5/143) +1

May 13th 2008

How'd I get this far
Trying to catch a falling star
Fantasy... You are.

Monday, May 12, 2008

#16 Do ONE NEW Thing a Month (2/33)

On a lonely battlefield you meet your opponent for a skirmish that will decide the fate of your army. You must plan the battle, advance your men, attack and capture the enemy Flag.

Your Marshal is your strongest man, but vulnerable if not protected from the Spy. Your Scouts are weak but mobile and effective in discovering your enemy's manpower. You need the skills of Miners to disarm enemy Bombs, so don't lose them all early in the battle. Plant your Bombs skillfully. They will protect the most precious piece on the gameboard, your Flag.

Stratego is a game where skillful planning, clever deception and good memory work are used to defeat your opponent. Every time you play the battle is different.

That's right! My new thing this month is Stratego! Thanks to Reno for introducing me to a new and exciting game! A lot like chess, this games is more than luck! Skill and strategy is a necessity to overcome your opponent in victory!

And your boy did just that! I overcame and victory was mine!
What some may confuse with beginners luck I am confident to exclaim that it was nothing short of skillful tactics in the art of war!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This is just my first draft... Untouched straight off the dome during lunch today. This is still in WiP status (Work In Progress).

Disclaimer: To anyone who either frequents or happens to stumble upon my page... These words you are about to read are not at all about my wife. One can only write what he or she knows, therefore I can understand the misinterpretation of these words. I merely wanted to write about a person (Man or woman) who claims to appreciate music but honestly has no clue. And also for those of you who like to sing along but never really take the time to learn the actual lyrics to your "favorite" songs. Comments and/or criticism is appreciated. -DY


Oh She hates my everything / Every Song I sing
Oh She's got no shame / For her it's all the same
Yeah, she sits and listens / And that rock on her finger glistens
(Oh) How she puts on a show / What did I sing (I don't know)

And my fingers dance over the guitar / Before long... She's gone... Far
Sing it with me!
It's just another song on the radio / She's heard it before but she'll never know
Might get myself a video / But on her TV it'll never show

Oh she hates my taste of music / Let me turn it up she'll refuse it
Who sings that song you're listenin' / Oh who the fuck is Bob Dylan
If it's not on her poppy station / She has no relation
Oh wait didn't they sing his songs on American Idol / Shit! Now I don't know

And my fingers dance over the guitar / Before long... She's gone... Far
Sing it with me!
It's just another song on the radio / She's heard it before but she'll never know
Might get myself a video / But on her TV it'll never show

So I sit and write a song for her / Passion expressed for a lover
Her tears begin to fall / She was listenin' after all
Yeah she sits and listens / And that rock on her finger glistens
Oh she puts on a show / The chorus to this song she's got to know

And my fingers dance over the guitar / Before long... She's gone... Far
She sings it with me!
Tits a mothers long the radio / She's herbivore bushel never know
Mic it myself a video / Button her TV still ever show

Oooh She puts on a show.

Monday, May 05, 2008

#10 Go Camping

#10 again!
Sure it counts, why not?!
It's something I don't often do!

Happy Birthday Crystal (5/4) and Happy Birthday Joey (5/6)!

Who: Diego, Crystal, Joey, CHUBBS & Brad
What: Birthday Camping
When: 5/3/08 - 5/4/08
Where: Emma Long Metropolitan Park

This was a pretty damn good camping trip. I do have to admit I was a bit bored at times but I think that's just cause I needed something to do. It was a little too cool for me to want to get into the water. I mean, I wouldn't have enjoyed the brisk water consuming my featherweight body. Plus I forgot a football so, pretty much camping consists of drinking and sitting and reading. Next time, I'll pack a football and I need to score a volleyball and maybe some horseshoes!

We got a decent spot with more than enough room for set up. Not a choice spot but next time the required effort to get there earlier will definitely be put into action. We were only walking distance away from the water but it would have been a lot cooler to be on the water... Fishing might have been more successful had we started before boats and jet skis caused the water to wave.

Uhhh?! What else?! Oh hmm... Okay, guys, anyone in the Austin area reading this. While you might find it okay to brush your teeth nude or even with just a sweater in your own home... I really don't find it amusing to walk into the facilities for my early morning briefing with the governor to find you with your "peter" out brushing your teeth. C'mon! And then buddy, you look at me surprised as if you didn't expect anyone else would happen to walk into the community men's room (Shower/bathroom). What if I was one of the many kids camping there that night. I'm a grown ass man and don't really care that I saw your junk, but a kid might lose his shit if he saw that and possibly his father! Oh why couldn't I have seen one naked woman instead! Ugh!

Speaking of! There was this annoying ass mom we had the luxury of setting up camp next to. Alright so kids scream, yell, jump and run when they are outside. WTF else do you expect them to do? Well this mom made it apparent she didn't want her kids doing much of anything. At times she was louder than her kids and by far, more annoying! I can take kids playing, laughing and screaming but I really hate with a passion parents who find it necessary to scold my ears while getting after their kids! I don't care! But she did have some lines I did like...

1. While one of her kids was on the picnic table: Get off the damn table! What are you, some kinda monkey?

When one of the kids fell over and knocked something down: That was a great trick!

Anyhow, not only were we fortunate enough to have her polluting voice sing in our ears all night... The next morning we were blessed with her only wearing a Tee shirt and constantly bending over (not her most flattering side either) as if in a attempt to finish us off with visual pollution.
Here's to you, I still think I'm hot with bad ass kids mom!

Till next time! Guys keep your pants on and ladies, let the kids be kids and grow up yourself! ;)

A few thanks: Thank you MommaWanda for the tent, Joey for the wood and book, Crystal most definitely for the bacon wraps, CHUBBS for the awesomeness of your ass crack (ask Crystal) haha, and Bradford, cousin thanks for kicking it with the peeps! Good times no doubt!