Thursday, April 14, 2011


LOST captured the hearts (and souls) of many sci-fi and mystery fans for 6 long on again off again seasons. Each episode left fans wanting more but only getting less, in a way I guess. By now you’ve all seen or made a Houdini out of avoiding it so I’m not gonna go in depth about the show, but I sit here at my desk and the little crew of voices in my head are singing “You are everybody – You are everybody” and damn I miss LOST. That’s it, simple as that. In my humble opinion it was the best show ever… Now that opinion doesn’t really count for much as LOST is only the second show I have seen from beginning to end, The Sopranos is the only other show I’ve completed (well after Journey closed it out).

Anyhow, while looking for a picture of Charlie.

Desmond: No mah-uh whah I do, your gonna die Chahly”
I loved that line, it’s so creepy and final, but really I just liked Desmond’s accent when he said it. Ha. 
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So, while looking for picture I found some awesome shirts, why didn’t I find these earlier? Oh well I’d still rock it.

You may return to your regular scheduled program… You are everybody!
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