Thursday, September 30, 2010

RIP Greg Giraldo

A hilarious comedian and expert roaster, Greg Giraldo will be missed in the comedy community, My thoughts are with his friends and family. He died Wednesday, September 29th, 2010, he was 44 years old.

I can't remember when, but I know it was many years ago when I first heard his bit, Underwear Goes Inside The Pants. A witty and comical take on the state of the nation. from that moment I was a fan. Then I saw how raw and unrelenting he was during roasts, his style was killer with an arsenal of jokes a cut-downs.


SOURCE: Unknown

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 101: #55 Write a Short Story

Yeah I know I know, My 101 in 1001 is said and done; but as I said HERE and HERE, I did complete another goal but lost (temporarily misplaced) the original piece. Which is what brings me here today, I am proud of myself and the fact that I was able to attain some (more than half) of the goals I set for myself. And I also found the short story I wrote, dated February 28th, 2008, which was within my time frame.

Beautiful as the Day I First Saw Her

I wasn't more than 19 years old the first time I saw her...

A friend of mine had been talking about her for quite some time. He'd go on and on about how I needed to see her. At that time I wasn't really looking for anything so my interest wasn't much.

Eventually we took a trip to see her...

From the moment she caught my eyes I knew she had to be mine. Never before had I seen anything created with such perfection and beauty. Dressed in red with black shoes and curves that cut through me with spine tingling force.

I knew she was older than me but that never really mattered...

She was mine and I was hers. Friends and family could never understand what we had. When I spoke of her and my time with her they couldn't comprehend the joys we experienced. It wasn't long before I knew I had to share my experiences with others that didn't understand. We'd go on drives and share moments with each other.

Our days together were more than I could have ever imagined...

Soon I began to invite friends and family to share time with us and it wasn't long before everyone began to realize that what we had was more than a dream. We'd drive to the coast, sit on the hood as we listened to the waves crash onto the beach... Some days were so long that they turned to night and we'd stare up at the sky mesmerized by the stars and wishing endlessly.

I wouldn't even let her walk over a puddle...

It was autumn and the night came fast, as it usually does when we're lost in ourselves. Storm clouds began to form as the winds wickedly blew in. It wasn't long before the rain began; harder and harder the sky began to fall as the night screamed. A winding road is no place for a love like this on a night like this. My vision is blurred and I'm dying to get away... Lightning blasts a tree ahead of me, so close I can't see... Screeching tires is the last thing I hear.

Alone I wake in the hospital...

I ask the nurse, where is she? Confused she responds "I'm sorry but who are you talking about?" My head crashes softly back into the pillow as I fall silent.

It wasn't until I was released that I realized her fate...

My father picked me up from the hospital. Without even speaking he knew what I was thinking. And before I said a word he answered "It's not good" as we drove to see her. When we finally arrived I saw the truth of my fathers words... She was gone, a part of me was lost too. Never in my life had I felt this way. Her final image remains the same but to me she is and will always be as beautiful as the day I first saw her.  I will never forget that 1969.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Night Lights

As we turned the corner onto Jack C. Hays Trail, we were greeted by a sight that I've never been a witness to for a high school football game. The Wife and I have lived in our sleepy little town for over 4 years now but we have never been to a football game, until this past Friday. We didn't have plans for Friday night and I had recently read that the local high schools were playing eachother. A perfect time for us to take Lil Money out to the field and experience his first live football game.

 We could see the glowing field lights as we approached but nothing more in the darkness of town. Until we got onto Jack C. Hays Trail. Students, parents and fans alike were walking the street towards the Bob Shelton Stadium, formerly Rebel Stadium. Cars pulled over and parked on the side of the road, that's how many people were there and as we finally parked we could hear the roar of THOUSANDS of cheering fans. We finally parked and headed to the gate, after a little hassle we paid and entered. Ten minutes or so later we finally found seats, only enough room for The Wife and I but plenty room since Lil Money can still lap-it.

Bob Shelton Stadium

The atmosphere was amazing, this is where Hollywood gets its ideas. According to this website the stadium's capacity is 9000 and I guarantee, the stadium was filled to capacity (6000 in attendance according to The Hays Free Press). When we got there the score was 7 - 0 in favor of Lehman (Lobos), by halftime the score was 14 - 14. The scene was set for a dramatic hometown game, cheerleaders tumbling, band playing, fathers yelling and the lights set high.

We didn't stay for the whole game, we left at the end of the 3rd quarter but saw our home team score their second unanswered touchdown bringing the score to 27 - 14, Hays (Rebels).

During the game while talking to The Wife I told her that for the first time I think I actually want to stay in this sleepy little town so Lil Money could be a part of this tradition and pageantry. But that could have just been the excitement talking. I love this game. We had a great time and as long as we live in this town we will be a part of this rivalry in one way or another.

FINAL: Hays Rebels 27 - Lehman Lobos 14.

Return of the Cool

Out of no where the cool has returned. I jumped in the ride and pulled out of the garage, rolled the windows down to enjoy a cool morning on my way to work. Whew! I was bit shocked when the cool breeze hit my skin, I wasn't expecting this at all. But I do welcome the return of the cool, enjoy your stay my friend. Summer, she's always fun with her frisky ways in finding ways to undress me but Autumn, she appreciates a little more TLC and the warmth of a cuddle.

If I had it my way... Today, my kit would look somehting like this. Cool.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Re-Release the Beast

I'm nearly 10 years older than my youngest brother ,Drew Rome, so I've endured hours upon hours... ahem, upon hours of Disney films. From Aladdin to Mary Poppins. it's hard to really commit to which film is my favorite, each film in it's own right is amazing and you can always count on the characters breaking into song, bullee me, I'm a sucker for a sing along or a dance sequence. 

So you can understand my excitement when I saw that the Disney Nazi's decided to open up the vault and re-release Beauty and the Beast. Hey, did I just make a rhyme? I wish I could do that all the time. Ha! Perfect timing too, I've been not so patiently waiting for them to open up the vault so I could obtain one of their treasures and come October 5th, I will hopefully be scoring Beauty and the Beast for my son, Lil Money. This will probably be a Christmas gift for him but The Wife and I may watch it a few times before we wrap it up. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On The Record...

I'm going to officially go on the record and say for the first time that I hate the Texas Longhorns... Not really, but kinda. Anyone who knows me knows that know I'm a huge Notre Dame Football fan; them's some fightin words if you live in Austin, Texas. And I do. Bring it, The Fighting Irish are ready.

Don't get me wrong, I am known to don my Burnt Orange and I will cheer on The Horns every weekend but I am really starting to hate how they flex their punk-ass schedule. I don't know what the deal is with that, maybe it's based on big-wig TV crap or on their rank or on any number of reasons. I don't care. Put out the damn schedule and set times.

Its my opinion that Texas is deliberately scheduling their games at the same time as Notre Dame in an effort to maintain viewers. And I'm saying that because well, again, in my opinion Texas is trying to maintain status in the BIG XII 'lite' conference. And soon, I believe they will try their hand at being Independent. I guess we'll see. Damn you Texas, set a REAL schedule for once.

Texas Longhorns 2010 Schedule
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2010 Schedule


Oh man, I wish I was part of this preview... That has to be one of the best movie experiences ever. Would you watch this movie while burried?

Check out official trailers at the Burried website. Alamo Drafthouse's preview sold me, I am ready to go check this out.

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The Boys of Fall

Last weekend was the kickoff of the 2010 – 11 NCAA football season, today is the opening of the NFL season. Kenny Chesney’s song, The Boys of Fall, sets the scene for both. When my brother first tipped me off to the song I thought it was going to be somewhat lame or a fall version of Boys of Summer. But after hearing the song I was reminded of all the good times I had on the many football fields I played on.

Memories I’ll have forever. I made a lot of friends, we laughed and some even cried but we all learned something from our experiences. It’s been far too many years since I last played football and I miss it more and more as new fall seasons approach. Something about the aroma of fresh cut fields and cool autumn breezes bring back so many memories, some happy some sad.

When I was young, its not that I thought I was invincible or anything, I just never thought about a day that didn’t involve me playing football. Its one thing to end a “career” expectedly (Graduation, Retirement) but when and injury or health concern knocks you out of a game it’s a whole other thing. And that’s just what happened to me when I was 16… Long story short, I had to have a surgery and prior to the surgery my doctor said I’d be able to take the field again… After the surgery however, he said I’d never be able to play contact sports again. I was crushed, football was the only thing I really enjoyed and I was pretty damn good at it. Against doctors orders I came back to the game but that year of inactivity killed me and I wasn’t the same when stepped back on the field. My confidence in my abilities faded and soon my PT (playing time) was cut in half, for the first time ever I wasn’t a starter. But I was still part of the team.

I miss the days of waking up early, dragging my brother outside, getting our squad together and playing until the street lights came on. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to but every now and then I still dream of playing football. When I was a kid playing Pop Warner I dreamt of playing ball at the next level (Middle school, H.S, College, etc) or being as great as Troy Aikman or Deion Sanders but now-a-days my dreams are more nostalgic.

Here’s to the kids and men playing football all across the country, play every down like it’s your last, dream, and win or lose – enjoy yourself. Coach Bill Parcells said it best when he said [paraphrasing] it’s like a train, at some point we’re all going to have to get off, players, coaches, owners, all of us.

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Wednesday, September 08, 2010