Thursday, August 12, 2010

101 in 1001... The End

For those of you following and or keeping track, my 101 things to do in 1001 days ends today and with pretty good success. If I say so myself. Although I didn't complete every single goal I set out for myself, I feel accomplished. What started in November of 2007 has just ended July 2010.

Highlights (In order from 1 - 101):
#15. Get a New Tattoo - This was a busy Valentines Day for The Wife and I but we both got some good ink and had a great day.

#25. Get Healthy (Diet & Exercise) - I started P90X in March of 2009 and completed in 3 months later. I took a couple of weeks off then started a modified version for about 2 months. Probably the fittest I had been in 10 years.

#26. Have a Child - I've never known love like I now know love. My life is better with my son in it.

#35. Learn How to Grill Ribs - Mmmm, Baby Backs. Ask The Wife, they were damn good.

#82. Enjoy a REAL Massage - I had never had one before but now I'm hooked.

#7. Finally go on Honeymoon - And the winning lotto number is... Guess I need to play lotto for that to really matter.

#39. Host an Outdoor Movie Night - Since before I was a homeowner I've always wanted to host an outdoor movie night and thought that within 1001 days I would have done that. Nope. That gear costs some coin, maybe in my next 1001 days.

#44. Make a Damn Good Pomarita - Why haven't I done this yet?!

#51. Skydive - If you've got a plane and will let me fall out of it, call me.

#55. Write a Short Story - I wrote one but somehow lost it. True story.

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