Thursday, August 19, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Phil's Icehouse

Phil's Icehouse, sweet! From fries to the sourdough bun.

I ordered The Allandale Burger, 86 sliced onions & mayo. The burger comes with an order of mixed, traditional French fries and sweet potato fries. The mixed batch of fries compliment each other well almost as good as the but compliments the tang of mustard. From the first bite I knew I was really going to like this burger. I've never had a burger whose bun was so sweet so that was a nice surprise.

The vegetables however were just there at best, a leaf of iceberg lettuce a couple of thin slices of tomato and some pickles. But my carnivorous nature doesn't mind much but the herbivore in me would appreciate more than just a hint of color between the buns. The cheddar cheese was almost missed as it served as the bonding agent that holds the bun to the patty, I'm not even sure I tasted it that much.

For $7.04 out the door the price is a little much especially since it doesn't come with a drink. Maybe I'm just cheap though. I have to say that Phil's Icehouse hit the sweet spot with it's sweet potato fries and sourdough bun and should be putting up some tough competition against Fran's. I probably wont hit Phil's up for carry out again but if I'm in the area, I might stop by for a burger and brew. You should try them out if you're ever in the Burnet Road area... Oh, but for those of you who try to kill what's already dead, a bit of advice, the burgers here are cooked medium well unless otherwise specified. Mine was pretty pink in some areas of the patty but I'm alright with that.

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