Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - 3rd Base

I'm at home playing with Lil Money, when will I learn that if you hold a teething baby over your head he might drool on you. My phone rings, it's my brother, he says that him and Pumkin are on Congress and says "let's go get a burger". Perfect timing, Lil Money just ate so he's good and I haven't eaten. I tell him to give us a few so we can get ready and roll out.

A dirty diaper change and car trip later I pull up to 3rd Base Bar and Grill. Pumkin didn't make it, it's Monday and he didn't want to miss wrestling. Geez. I walk into 3rd base along side my brother with Lil Money in hand and my Timberland baby backpack. A couple of customers turn to look at me from the bar and I give them the "What the f*ck" look. Yeah, I got a kid. We take our seat and Lil Money is eyes wide open at all the screens.

We were greeted immediately and offered drinks and a menu. One quick glance and we new what we were ordering, I believe it was the Classic Cheeseburger. We ordered. As we waited my brother and I talked about the day and Lil Money bounced on my lap. I'm not sure how long it took but during the time our order was placed and when we got it, Lil Money got tired. And when he gets tired he "hums", if he isn't soothed or hasn't fallen to sleep in a decent amount of time while humming he begins to fuss and whine.

I think you know where I'm going with this... Our order finally made it to the table, a big meaty burger with Cajun flavored fries. I set Lil Money down and began to eat, he was still humming in his chair beside me halfway falling asleep. The burger was pretty good but the fries were the best. it wasn't long before the little guy just couldn't take it anymore, he got fussy so I did my best attempt at holding him and eating like his mom does, but I couldn't get it. I felt like I was dropping crumbs all over him and actually thought I was going to drop a mustardy tomato on him.

Poor kid, he was just too stimulated with all the TVs and people he couldn't crash out, I even had to get up a few times and walk around but that didn't help much cause the TVs are everywhere. Pretty awesome joint by the way, good place to catch the game or fight.

Unfortunately 3rd Base isn't going to rank as high as it possibly could have but that's on my lil guy. But $10 for burger and fries you should be able to make a statement. I guess I was paying for "the best seat in the house".

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