Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing for Change

Some of my favorite memories from childhood can only be triggered by music. And because of that I think they are more than memories; because they've found a way to capture not a single experience but moments in my life that without music would otherwise be non-existent.

Music has a way of breaking barriers and opening up opportunities for people alike and different to share experiences like nothing else. You're in a a full restaurant, you've got your meal made to you request, you've got your beverage, sure there may be another diner enjoying the same meal but probably not exactly. But that "jam" begins to play out of the speakers, maybe you tap your foot to the beat, a few tables over a lady sings like she knows the words while the bartender bobs his head as he makes drinks. All together now, your intertwined in something simple, something amazing.

My original intention for this post was, something simple, I'm not gonna go as far to say that it's turned into something amazing but in regular DY fashion, my attention and interest went into a whole 'nother direction. I was going to write about how my son and I were dancing and jamming to some Lou Rawls followed by The Four Tops, instead I am reminded why I love music and it's blind emotion and a project I saw a few years back on PBS called Playing For Change. It's an amazing and beautiful idea inspired by the strength of music and was created to bring the world together. I hope you you enjoy this as much as I do.