Friday, September 30, 2011


Side note: When I Googled this image, the one I found belonged to The Wife. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

He Follows Me Everywhere

This evening Young Money and I were outside enjoying some, ehhh, cool to us weather, watering plants and running around. Well, he was running around I'm still hurtin' from my ruptured Achilles and not quite as mobile as I'd like to be. Anyhow, as I was watering a tree near the fence I noticed he stopped trying to take the hose from me and was stuck frozen starring at the fence. 

I said his name to get his attention but his focus didn't break, I realized he was captivated by his shadow cast against the fence. I waved so he could see mine... He got scared and hugged my leg. I kneeled down and waved so he could see me and pointed to my shadow. He looked at it then back to me with this concerned look on his face "who his that waving at us dad?" He didn't say it but I know he was thinking it. 

I knew he was gonna be interested in his shadow for a while so I ran hobbled into the house grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots...

I'm not so sure about this guy.

Hey dad, he's not so bad...

Oh, you got the camera...

Uhhh, give me that.

Alright... What if I just poke it here. 

Kissing his shadow. I told him not to, no one wants splinters on their lips. 

Alright shadow, see you later, dad says it's time for dinner. 

Thursday, September 08, 2011


It looks like Nike will be taking us Back To The Future...