Thursday, June 23, 2011

WEDNESDAY: Ruptured Achilles, Check

... In disbelief I know that there are only so many things this could be, but it wasn't gonna be me...

WEDNESDAY: Brynn cracks jokes as my brother helps us into the car. We're both on crutches, she recently had knee surgery and is going through rehab, I am only at the beginning, not even on the recovery path yet. We're headed to my doctors office. We get there and park in garage 2... We'll quickly realize that we should have parked in garage 1 as my brother says to us, "I guess I could have dropped you both off in the front." Brynn's on crutches and I am using a walker now, the same kind your favorite elderly mall-walker uses. But I am no where near as graceful and speedy as the silver-mane vintages tracing the mall. on our way to the doc's I stop several times to catch my breath and wipe the sweat from my brow. This walker business ain't no joke, especially when paired with the pain of the bounce of my foot with every stumbling step I take. DAMN. This short walk is long as hell on a humid day. We finally make our way into the office, before even signing in, I pull a half dozen or so tissues from the box on the receptionists counter. I am winded and literally glistening from sweat. I can also smell myself. The fuck? That short struggle to the air conditioned office had me feeling like I had just run a race. And lost.

I'm called back and asked to sit on the bed in the exam room. I immediately apologize to the nurse for my scent, adding that I had no idea how hard this would be for me. Dr. B finally comes in and evaluates me, a few questions and pokings later he recommends that I see another doctor for an MRI. Just what I figured.

Later. At Austin Bone & Joint, Dr. G performs physical tests along with questions. With his tests, he doesn't even need to put me through an MRI, my left foot wasn't moving at all, it's a ruptured Achilles. He gives me my options, one is a cast followed by a boot, with a 6 month recovery time and 85% heal rate. The other is surgery with a year's time for recovery. WOW! I knew this was some shit, but dayamn, this is some Dino-shit. HUGE.  He tells me my decision isn't immediately required as this isn't an emergency case, I should take some time deciding the options, but he recommends surgery. As he's talking I see the pages of the calendar change, the things I'll miss out on and the draining of my savings. Most of all, I see Lil Money, my son, I see him playing and I'm not there. I can't play with my little boy and that makes me the saddest. I text the news to The Wife and wait for her reply. She calls, and I tell her that I am considering surgery in hopes that it gives me the best opportunity at a full recovery.

My next appointment is on Tuesday, the doctor and I will discuss further the procedures and/or concerns of the surgery. I just want it done already. I've fallen, I'm ready to get back on my feet.

Special thanks: 
To - Skeeter, Granny, Clonda & Mimi. Your jump to action and sacrifices have made this stressful and sad time much more bearable. It's a great thing to have family there for you when you need them. I appreciate everything you have done for me and all you will do for me. Thank you. 
And to - The Wife, thank you for not taking it as hard as I thought you would. Haha. Thank you for helping me out and understanding that this is a difficult time. I love you. Oh, can you get me some Buttered Pecan ice cream? :) And also to - Nes, for your caring calls and talks, thank you and I love you. 
And to, last but not least - Lil Money, seeing your happy, smiling face makes this so much easier for me. More than you know. I can't get down and play with you right now, but the come back is where it's at. I love you. 

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