Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Perfect Timing Nes...

As I said in this post, my sister, Nes, hooked me up with a pair of shades and some shaving cream... Well as you can see in the picture below, I haven't used the cream but I will begin using those aviators tomorrow. This evening while out and about with Young Money and my mom my other sunglasses snapped in my damn pocket. The f*ck?! That's the second time that's happened to me this season already. Damn! So, like the title reads; Perfect Timing Nes. Thanks again. 

Killer Stache Bro! 

1000 Words

Washington Nationals

Woo hoo, I like free stuff & gifts.

As you may or may not know The Wife and I along with Young Money took a trip to the East Coast in April. We hit up Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and finally New York.

While in D.C. area I spent some time looking for a Washington Nationals shirt, you know as “souvenir” of my trip. My search was unsuccessful, not that I didn’t see a lot of National’s tees, I did I just didn’t like the styles that much. I had an image in my head of what I wanted it to look like but didn’t really know if I’d actually find something that looked like it. I never did find that tee, boo.

We left for New York shirtless (well, not completely shirtless, just Washington Nationals shirtless). Now that I’m thinking of it, I should have gotten a Yankees Tee shirt, doh! Yeah, that’s a good idea, I should get a baseball Tee from every City/State that I visit, I’m not much for souvenir shops or trinkets so that would be more fitting. [Note to self, look online and order an Orioles and Yankees Tee. It still counts].

So we finally got home and “settled”. I talked to my sister (who we visited in VA) and she told me she found a shirt for me. Awesome! After that what did I do? Like a kid snooping around the house for hidden birthday and Christmas gifts I checked the mail daily. And just like an anxious child I even checked it the day after she told me she got the shirt… Even after she said that she needed to find a box to send it in. Day after day I checked the mail, only to be upset by bills and junk mail addressed to The Wife. Where is my package, I’m too excited to have to wait to find out what my new shirt looks like?

Yesterday The Wife met me at work as usual for the ol switcheroo of Young Money from her “shift” to mine. What’s that you’re carrying? Is that a package? Is it addressed to me? Woo hoo! I was so excited, I even tried to open it in the car, but my sister used some sort of industrial super sticky adhesive tape and rip proof paper. I still had to wait. I finally got home left the kid in the car took the package in an emptied it’s contents onto the floor… Kidding, I didn’t empty it on the floor, oh wait, I was kidding about leaving the kid in the car. Haha.

So I now have an awesome new Tee, it’s not what I had in mind but it’s as cooler than the other side of the pillow. The fit's great and the design is pretty cool. Oh and she even included some Aviator shades, I can always use those and some shaving cream… I think she’s trying to give me a hint (more on that in another post).

Thank you very much to my sister, Nes and her husband.

The AWESOME shirt my sister got me.

I just started looking but so far I think I like these two...
This one is pretty cool too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It Happens Every Year...

... Once the temperature begins to steadily rise I have this big "want" that sets sail in my mind. There's just something about this time of year that makes me want to be outside and enjoying it however the heat is killer and I really only want to be out in it if I have to ability to cool off whether that be at the pool, a cool watering hole in the greenbelt or floating the river. While I enjoy and love all those activities, I'd also like to be able to hop aboard my very own pontoon, find a nice chill spot and drop anchor.

What I like most about a pontoon boat is the fact that it's capable of holding more-people comfortably than other boats, so guests would definitely be welcome. So why not take the party to the water, enjoy music, food and your choice of beverages cause the boat is equipped with tables, couches, cooler(s) and an optional propane grill. That's what I'm talkin bout.

I know what you're saying but DY that's so awesome how can you afford it. The answer, I can't, not right now at least. From what I've gathered price points for pontoons are pretty much like they are for wheeled vehicles, anywhere from $13,000 to over $50,000. Of course I'd be a casual cruiser and would only require a lower end model with choice options. Something in the $14 - $18,000 range including of course a trailer.

Some of you are still reading this and thinking that I'd still be wasting money on a boat and for you I say Make like a wave and get rolling, C'mon it's all in good fun. With the amount of sun and heat the Texas sky offers us a pontoon would be put to good use. Besides, I'm only looking, there's no harm in that. But when the time comes that I can actually go out to showroom floors looking at boats, I'll know exactly what specifications I want and what price I want to pay... And if you're still crashing my party maybe a cruise and dip in the lake will change your mind, if not, then... I'll leave you sleeping swimming with the fishes. Haha.

[Photo Credit]: Sun Tracker Boats

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You - Better Late Than Never

I don’t know what the F went wrong but my post on my family’s recent vacation is lost and looks as though it was never posted, very disappointing. I’m not gonna go too much into it again but I do want and need to extend some thanks.

First: To The Wife, thank so very much for setting up this holiday. You went above and beyond with your efforts to make my durtieth burfday a memorable one. I’ve never been much for birthday’s and never really expect anything much from it so this was amazing. I know I wasn’t always on my best behavior (I was a bit of an asshole at times, I blame exhaustion) but it was an awesome experience that I will never forget. You are appreciated. Thank you and I love you.

Second: Young Money, thank you for being so f*ckin awesome. Other than your lack of sleep which took it’s toll on me and your mom, you were pretty good. You couldn’t stay still on the plane, who can blame you, but you didn’t cry or scream, who can beat that? Thank you and I love you.

Third: To my sister, Nes and her husband, you’re ability to make us feel at home is second to none. From the moment you picked us up from the airport you made us feel comfortable. You drove us around, let us borrow your car, cooked and cleaned for us, celebrated my birthday with a damn good cake (I wish I had some now) and celebrated Easter with the taste of Texas (BBQ and beer). Thank you and I love you both.

This is a trip that I will never forget, I learned a lot from the places visited and about myself and family. The Wife and I plan on taking an annual trip with an Air then Road theme from here on out… I’m already looking forward to next year’s Road-trip and wonder what trips await us. Bon Voyage.

-Day 2 - Monumental
-Day 4 - Birthday
-Day 5 - Easter
-Day 6 - New York
-Day 7 - New York

New Camera - Nikon Coolpix S9100

As some of you may have noticed, this blog has recently been a lot less words and a lot more images. I don’t want to stray away from writing, that’s part of the reason I got back to blogging. I started this blog in 2007 and only posted 19 times and in 2008 – 09 I only had 17 posts before coming back strong in 2010 (177 posts). This is an enjoyable hobby for me and an opportunity to practice creativity that otherwise would stagnate and actually has over time.

Since my return to the blogosphere I’ve had several ideas that I would love to conquer someday; the ideas vary, from clothing design, a book (books) idea and even a movie idea ( just to name a few) that I really need to start working on. The last two would require a certain quality of writing in an effort to entertain and entice and I know I need to continue writing (anything) to practice, maintain and hone my “voice”. Also though, I need to be able to capture images and scenes and I’m trying to learn how to do that with every picture I take.

As read several times here I’ve gone on and on about how I wanted and/or needed a new camera. Well while on holiday with The Fam our camera was fumbled and dropped and suffered a concussion that put it into a coma, only briefly showing signs of consciousness but mostly “sleeping”. A reason to buy a camera, especially since it was the very beginning of our trip. Woo hoo, I was pretty excited and confident that I would make a smart purchase since I had been doing research on cameras for a while as a way of torture (since I was never expecting to buy one) and entertainment. It all worked out, I walked into the store knowing my price point and options I wanted, picked up the Nikon S9100.

I haven’t even had the camera a month and I already love it. I’m still learning but getting the hang of it more and more. This little point and shoot has big camera quality with it’s ability to capture shots in 12.1 Megapixels with it’s 18x wide-angle optical zoom. I don’t know what that means –haha- but I like it. Kidding, I did my research. Most of the recent shots on the blog are from the S9100 and far exceed some of the shots taken by our old Nikon. That is all, I just needed/wanted a reason to write/type; enjoy these two shots taken yesterday.