Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washington Nationals

Woo hoo, I like free stuff & gifts.

As you may or may not know The Wife and I along with Young Money took a trip to the East Coast in April. We hit up Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and finally New York.

While in D.C. area I spent some time looking for a Washington Nationals shirt, you know as “souvenir” of my trip. My search was unsuccessful, not that I didn’t see a lot of National’s tees, I did I just didn’t like the styles that much. I had an image in my head of what I wanted it to look like but didn’t really know if I’d actually find something that looked like it. I never did find that tee, boo.

We left for New York shirtless (well, not completely shirtless, just Washington Nationals shirtless). Now that I’m thinking of it, I should have gotten a Yankees Tee shirt, doh! Yeah, that’s a good idea, I should get a baseball Tee from every City/State that I visit, I’m not much for souvenir shops or trinkets so that would be more fitting. [Note to self, look online and order an Orioles and Yankees Tee. It still counts].

So we finally got home and “settled”. I talked to my sister (who we visited in VA) and she told me she found a shirt for me. Awesome! After that what did I do? Like a kid snooping around the house for hidden birthday and Christmas gifts I checked the mail daily. And just like an anxious child I even checked it the day after she told me she got the shirt… Even after she said that she needed to find a box to send it in. Day after day I checked the mail, only to be upset by bills and junk mail addressed to The Wife. Where is my package, I’m too excited to have to wait to find out what my new shirt looks like?

Yesterday The Wife met me at work as usual for the ol switcheroo of Young Money from her “shift” to mine. What’s that you’re carrying? Is that a package? Is it addressed to me? Woo hoo! I was so excited, I even tried to open it in the car, but my sister used some sort of industrial super sticky adhesive tape and rip proof paper. I still had to wait. I finally got home left the kid in the car took the package in an emptied it’s contents onto the floor… Kidding, I didn’t empty it on the floor, oh wait, I was kidding about leaving the kid in the car. Haha.

So I now have an awesome new Tee, it’s not what I had in mind but it’s as cooler than the other side of the pillow. The fit's great and the design is pretty cool. Oh and she even included some Aviator shades, I can always use those and some shaving cream… I think she’s trying to give me a hint (more on that in another post).

Thank you very much to my sister, Nes and her husband.

The AWESOME shirt my sister got me.

I just started looking but so far I think I like these two...
This one is pretty cool too.


Stephanie said...

You're welcome!! We couldn't find just a "W" shirt, and this style was better than all the others. Haha, I wanted to make sure the box didn't rip open through the shipping.

CKY said...

You can't have them all look the same! They should say the name if the city at least... Right?

DY said...

Steph, the style you got is right on. I like it, I like it a lot. :)

CKY, Why can't they be the same style? You see my side of the closet, you know how I get down. :)