Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Camera - Nikon Coolpix S9100

As some of you may have noticed, this blog has recently been a lot less words and a lot more images. I don’t want to stray away from writing, that’s part of the reason I got back to blogging. I started this blog in 2007 and only posted 19 times and in 2008 – 09 I only had 17 posts before coming back strong in 2010 (177 posts). This is an enjoyable hobby for me and an opportunity to practice creativity that otherwise would stagnate and actually has over time.

Since my return to the blogosphere I’ve had several ideas that I would love to conquer someday; the ideas vary, from clothing design, a book (books) idea and even a movie idea ( just to name a few) that I really need to start working on. The last two would require a certain quality of writing in an effort to entertain and entice and I know I need to continue writing (anything) to practice, maintain and hone my “voice”. Also though, I need to be able to capture images and scenes and I’m trying to learn how to do that with every picture I take.

As read several times here I’ve gone on and on about how I wanted and/or needed a new camera. Well while on holiday with The Fam our camera was fumbled and dropped and suffered a concussion that put it into a coma, only briefly showing signs of consciousness but mostly “sleeping”. A reason to buy a camera, especially since it was the very beginning of our trip. Woo hoo, I was pretty excited and confident that I would make a smart purchase since I had been doing research on cameras for a while as a way of torture (since I was never expecting to buy one) and entertainment. It all worked out, I walked into the store knowing my price point and options I wanted, picked up the Nikon S9100.

I haven’t even had the camera a month and I already love it. I’m still learning but getting the hang of it more and more. This little point and shoot has big camera quality with it’s ability to capture shots in 12.1 Megapixels with it’s 18x wide-angle optical zoom. I don’t know what that means –haha- but I like it. Kidding, I did my research. Most of the recent shots on the blog are from the S9100 and far exceed some of the shots taken by our old Nikon. That is all, I just needed/wanted a reason to write/type; enjoy these two shots taken yesterday.


Stephanie said... really were able to get the lightning bolt. That's always so hard!!

DY said...

Yeah, I was able to snap about 7 shots before it started raining and was lucky enough to catch one streak. The lightning was CRAZY, even before it was dark you could see it lighting up the sky. I just wish I would have gotten some of the bigger streaks. Next time.

CKY said...

I was going to comment on the lightening also... Great shot!

DY said...

Thanks, I was really trying too. I missed some amazing ones... All across the sky.

Wanda said...

Wow! That is an awesome picture Diego! You are getting really good with that camera. Also loved the pictures of Maggie and Lily you took in the backyard.

alvis said...

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