Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You - Better Late Than Never

I don’t know what the F went wrong but my post on my family’s recent vacation is lost and looks as though it was never posted, very disappointing. I’m not gonna go too much into it again but I do want and need to extend some thanks.

First: To The Wife, thank so very much for setting up this holiday. You went above and beyond with your efforts to make my durtieth burfday a memorable one. I’ve never been much for birthday’s and never really expect anything much from it so this was amazing. I know I wasn’t always on my best behavior (I was a bit of an asshole at times, I blame exhaustion) but it was an awesome experience that I will never forget. You are appreciated. Thank you and I love you.

Second: Young Money, thank you for being so f*ckin awesome. Other than your lack of sleep which took it’s toll on me and your mom, you were pretty good. You couldn’t stay still on the plane, who can blame you, but you didn’t cry or scream, who can beat that? Thank you and I love you.

Third: To my sister, Nes and her husband, you’re ability to make us feel at home is second to none. From the moment you picked us up from the airport you made us feel comfortable. You drove us around, let us borrow your car, cooked and cleaned for us, celebrated my birthday with a damn good cake (I wish I had some now) and celebrated Easter with the taste of Texas (BBQ and beer). Thank you and I love you both.

This is a trip that I will never forget, I learned a lot from the places visited and about myself and family. The Wife and I plan on taking an annual trip with an Air then Road theme from here on out… I’m already looking forward to next year’s Road-trip and wonder what trips await us. Bon Voyage.

-Day 2 - Monumental
-Day 4 - Birthday
-Day 5 - Easter
-Day 6 - New York
-Day 7 - New York

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