Thursday, May 12, 2011

It Happens Every Year...

... Once the temperature begins to steadily rise I have this big "want" that sets sail in my mind. There's just something about this time of year that makes me want to be outside and enjoying it however the heat is killer and I really only want to be out in it if I have to ability to cool off whether that be at the pool, a cool watering hole in the greenbelt or floating the river. While I enjoy and love all those activities, I'd also like to be able to hop aboard my very own pontoon, find a nice chill spot and drop anchor.

What I like most about a pontoon boat is the fact that it's capable of holding more-people comfortably than other boats, so guests would definitely be welcome. So why not take the party to the water, enjoy music, food and your choice of beverages cause the boat is equipped with tables, couches, cooler(s) and an optional propane grill. That's what I'm talkin bout.

I know what you're saying but DY that's so awesome how can you afford it. The answer, I can't, not right now at least. From what I've gathered price points for pontoons are pretty much like they are for wheeled vehicles, anywhere from $13,000 to over $50,000. Of course I'd be a casual cruiser and would only require a lower end model with choice options. Something in the $14 - $18,000 range including of course a trailer.

Some of you are still reading this and thinking that I'd still be wasting money on a boat and for you I say Make like a wave and get rolling, C'mon it's all in good fun. With the amount of sun and heat the Texas sky offers us a pontoon would be put to good use. Besides, I'm only looking, there's no harm in that. But when the time comes that I can actually go out to showroom floors looking at boats, I'll know exactly what specifications I want and what price I want to pay... And if you're still crashing my party maybe a cruise and dip in the lake will change your mind, if not, then... I'll leave you sleeping swimming with the fishes. Haha.

[Photo Credit]: Sun Tracker Boats

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