Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Custom Nike Air Max 90 iD

The other day The Wife and I were out with Lil Money just wasting time; we stopped into a sporting goods store, played with merch and even tried on some shoes. We didn't have any real intentions of spending money or even searching for shoes. I tried on a couple of vibrant colored running shoes, the usual, and then I tried on some shoes with a neon green lining and yessir I like it. That shouldn't be a surprise cause I do get down on colorful shoes sometimes. I’m drawn to them.

In high school I had this random saying or fixed response as an answer to questions I didn't know. For example, if I were asked "what are your thoughts on the efforts to increase the population of the critically endangered Gilbert's Potoroo?" My response would be, a light shrug of the shoulders teamed with a bit of a tilt to my head and "I like shoes." It was silly, out of context, got laughs and even served as a pretty good deterrent or distraction. While I usually kept that response up my sleeve, it was true, I really did like shoes; all kinds, dress, boots, sneakers, running, etc. Shit, I remember being a kid running all over the neighborhood, beating up my shoes but I don’t remember going to the store, picking out & buying new a pair, it just didn’t happen. And like a lot of people, you like/want what you don’t have.

I’m older now and “I like shoes”… I live a comfortable life with a good job and great family, there aren’t many things that I need that I can’t provide myself but there are still a lot of wants. Haha. And I now want some Custom Nike Air Max 90 iD’s. Nike has been doing custom kicks for a while now and I’ve spent many on-the-clock hours (okay, not hours but time) customizing different types of shoes. Usually I design a shoe, save it and keep it for a while, then get bored with it or realize that I don’t really need to spend the money on a pair shoes. Be a lot cooler if I did. But after hooking up a pair of Air Max’s and seeing the neon green on my feet I think I really want to get a pair of these. With Sweet & Bang as my custom ID, one on each shoe.

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Oh yeah, check out this MAX100 book project by Matt Stevens. I found out about this project at the end of May and have been keeping up with it’s progression to fruition for a while now. If I had extra coin to donate, first I’d score my custom AM90’s then I’d donate to this guy’s cool ass project.

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