Friday, August 13, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Waterloo Ice House

Waterloo Ice House, I thoroughly enjoy this place. Not too long ago The Wife and I along with some good friends were pretty much regulars here (South Park Meadows). It's a great place to get your Lone Star fill at a great price and watch sporting events on their high definition flat screens, not a bad seat in the house. But with all the mugs bottom-upped I don't recall ever having a hamburger.

That recently changed; The Wife and I along with Lil Money spent the evening with our good friend CHUBBS. First stop was Wahoo's, good times, then we headed over to Waterloo. I hadn't eaten since lunch so needless to say I was HUNGRY! No need to look at the menu, I'm on a mission and I don't need anything fancy, I just need a standard issue hamburger and it's on.

The burger was good, but it was just a standard issue burger. It got me thinking that maybe I need to change it up a bit. I don't know though, this is a burger bracket not a burger creation bracket. All I'm saying is, for the price I could get a better standard somewhere else. I guess we'll have to see how it does against it's competition, Hill-Bert's.

Horrible picture, I know. It was dark and the camera on my phone doesn't have flash.

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