Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 By 30

Because, what's a man without goals?

101 in 1001 is in the books, I'm 29 and really what else is there after 29... Dirty? Ahem, thirty. Just the thought sprouted a new gray hair. I never really thought 30 was old, but I never really thought of myelf as ever being 30. In my first 10 years of life my main concern was "when can I go outside and play?". 11 - 20 I still wanted to play but I also had this real life thing sneaking up on me (work). 21 - 30 play hard work hard. At this rate 31 - 40 will be all work no play. I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid.

But enough about me... More about me. :) This is my blog afterall. The list below is in no particular order, has a bit more fun than my 101 list but it should be fun this time, plus I have a lot less days to complete it.

•Move up within department of with another agency.
•Get mouth-load of dental work done.
Eye exam + New contact(s).
•Take a trip to visit The Mannan’s.
•Learn to grill shrimp.
•Get a new tattoo.
•Plan & host Lil Money’s 1st birthday party.
Celebrate wedding anniversary.
Go to Six Flags (Fright Fest).
Acquire & plant a new tree in the backyard.
•Make a damn good Pamarita.
•Stop consuming so many sweets.
•Maintain health (Exercise, Eat right).
•Buy more Notre Dame gear for Lil Money.
Take more pictures of & with Lil Money.
•Celebrate David’s birthday (Party?).
•Go to the park and picnic with Lil Money & The Wife.
Buy Disney Movies for Lil Money. (Beauty & the Beast)
•Get a mani/pedi.
•Get a REAL massage.
•Buy a new flag (American, Texas) and flagpole.
•Go to Retama Park… Come home a winner.
•Take Lil Money to the Greenbelt.
•Have a brothers day.
Take Lil Money to The Zilker Tree.
Have a yard sale.
•Have clothes tailored to fit.
•Learn to grill brisket.
•Finish a year as dad photo project.

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