Friday, August 13, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Hat Creek Burger Co.

The great thing about this burger bracket is it gives me a "reason" to try out new burgers. And just this week I headed over to the Burnet Road location of Hat Creek Burger Co. Formerly Arby's and its obvious as you look at the sign but I'm glad the Austin company made an effort in reusing and repurposing the signage.

It's lunchtime and I need something to fill the void in my belly. I hop in Natalie (Nissan) and take a short ride from the office to Hat Creek. Skim the the menu and quickly realize I'm not leaving this parking lot without easily spending over $7.00 on burger, fries and drink. regardless though, I make my selection and request a tea to drink, the speaker box blares "That'll be an extra $2.00 for tea". The fuck, what kinda tea is this? Never mind the tea I tell the lady, I'll just take a Dr. Pepper. Still, I checkout with a $7.57 check.

For that price this better be a damn good burger... I'll let you check out the picture first, drop me a comment and let me know what you think...

... I got back to my desk, fumbled around in the bag grabbed my burger and fresh cut fries. The cool thing is that they packed my back with a little ketchup cup, very cool! Unwrapped everything and, well you saw the picture. What the hell is this? The presentation is on par with vending machine hamburgers or something. The fries were cut and packaged like P. Terry's but not at all comparable. Let's just say, that for the price I could've gotten something better at at least two other surrounding burger joints.


Erica said...

Oh gosh, just looking at that makes my stomach hurt!

DY said...

Yeah, I've seen better looking burgers in public school cafeterias.