Thursday, August 12, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Black Sheep Lodge

I've been wanting to try Black Sheep Lodge for quite some time... I remember when I first saw the sign go up I knew I had to stop in. The reason behind my wanting to patronize this establishment was more about beer selections than burger selection. But there is a competition going on and for the sake of champions the games must go on.

So the last Thursday in July my brothers and I headed over to South Lamar. We had another destination in mind (Resurrection Tattoo) but there was a bit of wait time and I was as usual, hungry. Out the door we went and on to the patio of BSL. We were greeted by what I can only define as an attractive "Austin girl". Yeah, lame description but she was simply dressed for work and it worked. It was a hot one (outside) and I new I wanted a drink so I asked for the list and as she handed it to me she said that margarita's were only $2.00. Yes please! So much for beer.

I ordered The Black Sheep Burger and as I waited our waitress walked up with the deliciousness that is a cool breeze to a hot summer evening... The margarita was refreshing and just what I needed as we were sitting out front, rolling up my chinos above my calves was only helping so much (or so little). I downed it pretty quickly, not in a "we're going streaking" kinda quickly more like a "this car has no AC kinda quickly". Finished it just in time for the arrival of my burger.

My brother and I both got the same thing, rita and burger. He was, I don't know, confused at the site of mixed greens laying on his burger but I enjoyed the mix to the same ole standard of lettuce. The bun, well I can't remember the bun now but the patty was a fatty and juicy. The flavor was on par of what I'd grill up at home, not number one but definitely not the worst just pretty good in a "if I say so myself" kinda way. But for the sake of competition and bragging rights (Note: restaurants have no idea I'm even doing this and therefore aren't concerned with bragging rights in regards to my opinions)... you gotta be on top of your burger game. And for a website that proudly boasts "The No. 1 Burger in South Austin" they kinda left me expecting more.

I'll definitely enjoy Black Sheep Lodge again but this round of The Austin Burger Bracket goes to Doc's Motorworks. Congratulations Doc's you're the first establishment to advance to the next round.

And play along!

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