Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Night Lights

As we turned the corner onto Jack C. Hays Trail, we were greeted by a sight that I've never been a witness to for a high school football game. The Wife and I have lived in our sleepy little town for over 4 years now but we have never been to a football game, until this past Friday. We didn't have plans for Friday night and I had recently read that the local high schools were playing eachother. A perfect time for us to take Lil Money out to the field and experience his first live football game.

 We could see the glowing field lights as we approached but nothing more in the darkness of town. Until we got onto Jack C. Hays Trail. Students, parents and fans alike were walking the street towards the Bob Shelton Stadium, formerly Rebel Stadium. Cars pulled over and parked on the side of the road, that's how many people were there and as we finally parked we could hear the roar of THOUSANDS of cheering fans. We finally parked and headed to the gate, after a little hassle we paid and entered. Ten minutes or so later we finally found seats, only enough room for The Wife and I but plenty room since Lil Money can still lap-it.

Bob Shelton Stadium

The atmosphere was amazing, this is where Hollywood gets its ideas. According to this website the stadium's capacity is 9000 and I guarantee, the stadium was filled to capacity (6000 in attendance according to The Hays Free Press). When we got there the score was 7 - 0 in favor of Lehman (Lobos), by halftime the score was 14 - 14. The scene was set for a dramatic hometown game, cheerleaders tumbling, band playing, fathers yelling and the lights set high.

We didn't stay for the whole game, we left at the end of the 3rd quarter but saw our home team score their second unanswered touchdown bringing the score to 27 - 14, Hays (Rebels).

During the game while talking to The Wife I told her that for the first time I think I actually want to stay in this sleepy little town so Lil Money could be a part of this tradition and pageantry. But that could have just been the excitement talking. I love this game. We had a great time and as long as we live in this town we will be a part of this rivalry in one way or another.

FINAL: Hays Rebels 27 - Lehman Lobos 14.

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