Sunday, September 26, 2010

Re-Release the Beast

I'm nearly 10 years older than my youngest brother ,Drew Rome, so I've endured hours upon hours... ahem, upon hours of Disney films. From Aladdin to Mary Poppins. it's hard to really commit to which film is my favorite, each film in it's own right is amazing and you can always count on the characters breaking into song, bullee me, I'm a sucker for a sing along or a dance sequence. 

So you can understand my excitement when I saw that the Disney Nazi's decided to open up the vault and re-release Beauty and the Beast. Hey, did I just make a rhyme? I wish I could do that all the time. Ha! Perfect timing too, I've been not so patiently waiting for them to open up the vault so I could obtain one of their treasures and come October 5th, I will hopefully be scoring Beauty and the Beast for my son, Lil Money. This will probably be a Christmas gift for him but The Wife and I may watch it a few times before we wrap it up. 

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