Monday, May 12, 2008

#16 Do ONE NEW Thing a Month (2/33)

On a lonely battlefield you meet your opponent for a skirmish that will decide the fate of your army. You must plan the battle, advance your men, attack and capture the enemy Flag.

Your Marshal is your strongest man, but vulnerable if not protected from the Spy. Your Scouts are weak but mobile and effective in discovering your enemy's manpower. You need the skills of Miners to disarm enemy Bombs, so don't lose them all early in the battle. Plant your Bombs skillfully. They will protect the most precious piece on the gameboard, your Flag.

Stratego is a game where skillful planning, clever deception and good memory work are used to defeat your opponent. Every time you play the battle is different.

That's right! My new thing this month is Stratego! Thanks to Reno for introducing me to a new and exciting game! A lot like chess, this games is more than luck! Skill and strategy is a necessity to overcome your opponent in victory!

And your boy did just that! I overcame and victory was mine!
What some may confuse with beginners luck I am confident to exclaim that it was nothing short of skillful tactics in the art of war!

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