Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - Doc's Motorworks

When I found out that my brother was finally coming home I knew I had to have something for us to do. We’ve got years of catching up to do and food and drink to enjoy, I decided the best way to enjoy new eats and each other’s company was to partake in an Austin burger bracket, so I put one together. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the deliciousness that is the best of Austin, try new places and… shiet, who am I kidding, it’s just an excuse to eat too many burgers. Seriously though; before, when my brother came home I only had a few things for us to do and since it was just a vacation it worked out, but now he’s here to stay and this is our summer kick off.

In no particular order we’ll be hitting various burger joints of Austin. Also please note that other than Dan’s Hamburger’s none of the ranks are “official”… In my opinion though, Dan’s is Number 1, Can I get a free burger a month for that endorsement? Kidding, but for real!

Up first David and I stopped in at Doc’s Motorworks on South Congress (NOT SoCo). Just so you know, Monday is a choice day for burgers here. Why, you’re asking… The answer is simple. ½ off burgers on Monday’s, I can get used to this. David and I both ordered a BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger, as we hungrily waited on the competitor to arrive David had me laughing with stories of parties and balls he attended while in the Marines.

We didn’t have to wait too long, our waitress walked up with tray in hand and as she set it down David quietly said to me “Damn, that’s a big burger”. Yes it was and damn good too. Just the right amount of juicy not sloppy, the BBQ sauce was sweet but not overwhelming and bacon was thick with just the right amount of crispiness but not crunchy to where it falls apart with every bite. And it definitely had enough bacon to last every bite. David must’ve been hungry cause he killed his, I on the other hand was a bit slower taking mine down and enjoyed every single bite. In conclusion this was a solid choice in destination and burger to start off the bracket; the fries were, ehhh less than, but this ain’t no damn fry bracket. All’s I got to say is, Black Sheep Lodge, you better have your game on point cause doc’s is bout it!

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Anonymous said...

Oh geez that's sounds like some "Good" trouble. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

it was awesome!! and one thing i noticed, i did a lot of talking about what we did in the marines and i still killed that burger before you did. but damn!! we have to go for another soon!!

DY said...

No doubt David, that officially set it off for me, I'm down for a burger... It's 11 at night and looking at that picture made me hungry, I'm thinking What-a-Burger. :)

DY said...

Stephanie, Good trouble indeed. Can't wait until you can join us. Or we can join you, either way... can't wait.