Friday, July 16, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - P. Terry's Burger Stand

First... David, I'm sorry I did this one without you. I was at work, it was lunch time, I was hungry and I wasn't gonna even consider our craptastic cafeteria food.

I took the short drive from my office to P. Terry’s North Lamar location sat in the lengthy drive-thru line awaiting my turn. During lunch a line in and out should be expected as this place is always tightly packed. The cars gradually moved along and I pulled to the speaker:

PT: Welcome to P. Terry’s how may I help you?
DY: Yes, I’ll take a #3, substitute mustard, with a Dublin (Dr. Pepper)
PT: Okay, A #3, sub mustard and a Dr. Pepper, anything else?
DY: No, that’ll be it.
PT: Thank you please pull up.

As I sat in line I knew what I was going to write about their potatoes that are hand scrubbed and cut in the kitchen and then cooked in 100% canola oil. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d describe the burger though.

But I got back to my office and the burger smelled great. Although it’s a double it looks smaller than many other burgers I’ve eaten and/or normally consider. Big burger lover’s, don’t let that detour you from the burger stand, the Black Angus patties, American cheese and locally grown produce compliment each other well and leave me feeling comfortably full. The burger is mouthwatering and the produce is cool and crispy. Mr. Terry has a great thing going over at his shop and should be competing with burger joints in Austin for years to come. Let me also add that the fries although thin are some of my favorite fries anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

You mother...!! Nah thats cool, I know how HUNGRY you get at work. Who was it going against?

DY said...

Yeah, I do get HUNGRY! No worries though, I can eat it again. Oh and it's going against Player's.