Friday, July 16, 2010

Austin Burger Bracket - What-a-Burger

What-a-Burger… Stephanie this one is for you.

What can I say about What-a-Burger that everyone doesn’t already know? It’s a staple to late night dining and also to some drunken grappling, haha, it has the best ketchup on the planet, and they’ve got the best announcer voice narrating their commercials.

It’s a late Thursday night, well late by my standards these days, it’s a little before nine. But I just scooped up Lil Money from Granny’s house (Ha Granny) and we still need to get home, take a bath, have a bottle and get tucked in. I’m hungry, but that’s like saying the sun is hot and I’m not gonna cook this late, ha, I probably wouldn’t cook if it wasn’t late. Hey, ease up on me, I don’t cook but I can wash a mean dish, bullee dat. What is a boy, ahem; man to do with his late night hunger 20 miles from home. Of course, hit up the orange and white beacon of goodness.

I pull up to the drive thru and not a word.

DY: Uhh, hello?
DY: (Under my breath) C’mon I just heard you talking to the car ahead of me. Hello!
WaB: Sorry, what can I get you?
DY: A #1 w/ mustard and cheese, no onion and a sweet tea.
WaB: Okay drive up to the first window.

My voice and the blasting teenagers voice from the P.A. have now woken (waken, awaken, woke-ted-ed???) Lil Money and he’s beginning to stir. I pull up to the first window and the “bia” is vacant. I sit there contemplating driving away, but sit as patient as possible. The fuck is the deal, take my order, take my money and let me proceed, not that difficult of a concept. Finally lil muffin puff slides the window open whilst having another conversation says that’ll be and she said whatever the price was. I gave her my card, but I had to actually put the mufucker in chubby turkey leg holder cause she didn’t even bother to look out the window as she hung it out. She gave me my card back while simultaneously sliding the window shut. What could possibly be so enticing that she can’t properly do her job; did the voiceover guy make an in house visit and he’s reading items off the menu? Cause if that’s the case then I’m fine with that.

So, 5-10 minutes of wait and transaction time later I pull up to the pick up window was greeted with a smile from a friendlier person, she repeats my order for correctness then hands it to me. I have no pictures of this casualty because I had to scarf it in the car on the way home. I had to, gotta get The King bathed and fed too, time is of the essence.

The burger was fresh and hot, and tastes as good as it always does. The fries were just as hot as the burger a little too salty for my liking and I couldn’t doctor them with ketchup as much as I would have liked cause I was driving but it was all eaten.

Although the food was made to order, they are definitely losing points on a count of poor customer service. That’s one thing I can’t stand, if you’re going to do something do it right, all of it.


Anonymous said... I miss that place. I need me some What-a-Burger.....NOW!!!

Erica said...

Ha! I was talking to Stephanie today as I pulled into Whataburger.

Anyway, had HORRIBLE customer service!!!! Plus, I waited 15 minutes for my food. So annoying! If I hadn't already paid, I would have driven off! I don't like eating them too much anymore. Way too salty!

Anonymous said...

I think I have akways had hoorible service there, they aren't nice. But the turkey leg holder was classic. I love it!

DY said...

Steph: Although the food is still pretty good, I'm falling out of love with them on the count of service.

Erica: Torturing your sister, mean, haha. The wait times are getting out of hand. I ordered a just-a-burger once and was asked to pull into line B... No thanks.

David: Agreed, they tend to hire a different breed of fast food staff than others.