Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This (Busy) Weekend

This weekend started a lot earlier than expected, with a visit to the doctor's office to check on Cash. The Wife's blood pressure was higher than the doc would have liked it to be so we were sent to the hospital. Jump to The Wife's post for more on that. Don't forget to come back here for more on our weekend.


Oh hey, you're back...

I am so glad The Wife and Cash are fine and well. We are both excited for our first child but I know she's ready to have him in her arms already. Just a little longer, make it to March before you make your debut Cash. If you don't mind I'm going to move on to the highlights of the weekend.

Headed over to MamaWanda's and Clonda's place for Poker night. While were were waiting for the other players we were also anticipating the call from the hospital for good news. Good news being the test results were good and The Wife and I didn't have to head out and stay the night at the hospital. The players started to arrive, we enjoyed conversation and pregame pizza, when Crystal's phone rang. I had just taken my seat at the table and hoped for good news, for the sake of both of us, neither of us wanted to spend the night (weekend) in the hospital and we just aren't ready for Cash yet. Well, We're " ready", but we really planned all of this with his birth-date at some point in March. She hung up the phone and as though she got a "golden ticket" to Hollywood on American Idol, it was good news. Relief. She took her seat to the left of me and "The Pro", yeah he's played in the WSOP. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, dude talks too F'n much about his glory and triumphs. Whata-ya-gonna-do? He's an alright guy but his (insert anything) is the BEST. We all know'em and we all have them in our lives in one way or another. I'm sorry, I did say I was going to talk about the highlights of the weekend... Fast forward to the end of the night. I started off on a roll and ended up with money in pocket, the same goes for The Wife. Oh and "The Pro" quickly lost and had to re-buy, nice, the downside was listening to him complain about it all night. But I enjoyed my winnings. *Smile*

Take a deep breath... This was a busy day.
-Matinee: Valentine's Day, I liked, liked it a lot. Apparently it got bad reviews but I'm a bit of a sucker for "Chic Flicks" and I really enjoyed it. Really could have done without that surprised face with no live talent Taylor Swift.

-Lunch: Mmmm... I can totally go for some more of this meal. After the movie we headed downtown for our traditional VDay lunch at PF Chang's. I'm just going to post our menu so you can enjoy the mind feast.
Chang's Lettuce Wraps
Shrimp Sichuan From the Sea
Banana Spring Rolls
-The Wife:
Auntie Chang's Frappe (2)
Chang's Lettuce Wraps
Crispy Honey Chicken
Banana Spring Rolls

Needless to say after lunch we were ready for a nap. True story. But our day was only at intermission at that point.

-Baptism: We carried our full bellies to valet and picked up the car, the car seemed to have noticed cause it drove a little slower. I think we were just in chill mode. With full bodies we made the trek to The CPT(x) in hopes of getting there early enough to nap it out for a minute or two. But we got to my sister's house about the same time everyone else was. Mom, sister and aunt were in the room getting Baby Daney dressed, she looked so cute in her little dress, I just love her. At this point I realized the time and had to suit up. I mean, I am the Godfather, so it is important that I dress suitably for this special occasion. Fast forward through mass... An hour later the Baptism started, by this time The Wife was a little more tired but in good spirits, Jackson was starting to get a little squirmy... That kid is funny, he makes me laugh every time I see him, I love that boy. And Baby Daney, while extremely quiet and good throughout mass started to get a little fussy, she was hungry. The ceremony proceeded and we took pictures. After the baptism we headed over to my sister's house for dinner. The food was great, the company was better. After dinner my sister asked us if we wanted to look though some of Jackson's old clothes, of course we did. WOW, she had a lot of clothes, two huge bins full. We made our picks and I'm excited to see Lil' Cash in some of Jackson's old gear. Thank you very much Erica, we really appreciate it, I am no stranger to second hand clothing and I'm glad that Cash will get to wear some of his cousin's cool clothes.

Took my brother, Drew Rome shopping. My other sister is getting married in March, so it's my duty to get my brother suited up. We had already gone shopping for a nicely fit Lavender shirt and he chose a purple and black tie, all we needed was a suit to set it off. That took only a matter walking into the store and trying it on... I had already measured him and kinda picked out what I thought would best fit him. Now we just need to find him a belt and he needs to get me his shoes so I can clean them up for him. I also want to try to get him to sport a pocket silk, but he's against it at the moment. Maybe he's just not ready for that kinda flare. But he tried on hist suit, shirt and tie and that boy might just clean up pretty nice. Definitely needs to get his hair game up to par though, haha.

President's Day. Hol-i-day! No work!

This ran longer than expected, hope you stayed with me. But completely understand if you didn't, I actually had thoughts about just aborted this post all together cause the writing was far from entertaining and I just didn't quite feel it.

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Erica said...

Oh, I love that picture of you & Delaney! Thanks for coming out & being a special part of her day! Sorry Crystal was so tired! :( And I can't wait to see Cash in Jackson's clothes. I don't even know what ya'll took so I wonder if I'll recognize it. It had been so long since I had looked in those bins.