Monday, February 01, 2010

Austin to Yoakum and Back Again + #37. Travel to a Small Texas Town

Another gray sky day, the temperatures balanced between 32 – 35 degrees as we traveled from Southwest Austin to Yoakum, Texas. Early Sunday morning Crystal’s mom, aunt and I along with Maggie, their dog, loaded up and headed out to the Leather Capital of Texas so they could meet the new dog they planned on adopting.

The trip was long, probably not as long as it seemed because we traveled along untouched Texas land. Living in a city where construction is endless with new buildings piercing the sky everyday and endless roads running every which way. It’s hard to believe that there are actually parts of Texas that are virtually untouched as far as the eye can see. A reminder of why I am grateful to have been born and live in this great state. The reminders were not far and between on our way… Just when the open land merged with a small town we came up on a Trail Ride, a scene that being from Texas you would have imagined I’d seen before but, nope, not once. It was very cool to see so many people riding horses and so many different kinds of horses pulling carriages. I tried to take pictures but the shit-ass camera on my HTC MyTouch is less than sub-par (But that’s a subject for another rant). The coolest sight I saw several times on our way were horses, Cows, Calves and Longhorns running wild on open land. Just witnessing that was amazing to me. I’m a big Nat-Geo, Discovery fan so for me watching those animals run free was like being apart of Planet Earth. Very cool!

We finally made our way into Yoakum and as we pulled up to the house there was a life size steel horse roped up in the front yard. My initial thought was, “I came all this way and I feel like I’m in South Austin”. We were greeted by Mr. Scott and walked into his home, it looked small and had that nostalgic old wooden smell I can only remember from my Great Grandmothers house. He escorted us back, from one room to another and I quickly realized that this house that looked small from the outside was as endless as Texas skies. The inside of his house had relic antique furniture, paintings on the wall and all sorts of antique figurines and phones. We were finally seated in his living room, oh and he had flat screen televisions everywhere. What does one man need with so many televisions? Anyhow we were finally seated in his living room I had no idea what seats were made for sitting and which were just decoration (There were about 13 pieces of furniture in his living room), but as I was about to sit down I was quickly told to jump into another seat. Haha. The seat that he pointed out for me was a big comfortable recliner, so big that I had to jump into it cause my feet couldn’t reach the ground.

Mr. Scott discussed with us the history and training of Skunky, the soon to be adopted Border Collie and you could tell how much he loved her. His choice of words made it hard for me knowing that he would soon be without her. He referred to her as darling and you could sense that he often spoke to her in baby-talk. He then stood up and asked us outside so we could all meet Skunky, I jumped off of the couch and landed safely on the wood floors and walked out back. There she was, this well trained excited Skunky. He called her and instructed her to sit, lay, then rollover and she listened. His next command “Get in the truck” and she leaped up and scaled the closed gate of his pick up and seated her self calmly in the bed of his truck. “Out the truck” he said and again she obliged. “In you chair” and she raced and jumped into what is obviously her designated lawn chair. I knew instantly that Wanda and Clonda had already made up their mind that she would be a new member of their household.

The decision was made and Mr. Scott gave his last goodbyes assuring Skunky that she was going to be happy in her new home and instructing her to listen to her new family. He walked us out and saw her into the vehicle and bid her farewell. From Yoakum to Austin this small town dog is moving to the “big city”, her new home.

*The photos are from Google Search... Remember my camera phone is a "piece".

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