Thursday, February 04, 2010

#14. Finish Several Books I've Started - Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

Victor Mancini, a medical-school dropout, is an antihero for our deranged times. Needing to pay elder care for his mother, Victor has devised an ingenious scam: he pretends to choke on pieces of food while dining in upscale restaurants.

This 304 page book took me far longer than it really should have. My brother lent me the book and said he read through it quickly so I thought I'd do the same. When I first opened it I read page after page after page, from the very beginning the author's style had my attention. I never thought I'd put it down but of course distraction and pure laziness took it's choke hold on me.

When I finally picked it up again I killed it in two day's (during lunch) at work. While not as exciting as Fight Club, for me, Choke still has all the twists and turns you expect from Chuck Palahniuk. Upon finishing the book I Netflixed the movie to get the cinematic point of view, all in all, book and film they were alright.

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