Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"...and can you dress me please?"

Ask and you shall receive. Well maybe not actually receive but you get the idea. In my Sharp Dressed Man post my sister left a comment to which I am "attempting" to reply to here.

Q: "What holiday were you talking about..."
A: If I remember correctly the specific time I'm thinking of was before Christmas, a long while back.

Q: "...and can you dress me please?"
A: I can at least try.

First I'll lay them out so you can play them out and give specific reasons for these particular pieces. Let me also add -for those who may not know my sister- she is a loving SAHM (That's a Stay At Home Mom) with two awesome children. One of which enjoys all things about being a little boy and terrorizing his mommy. It is my hope that this ensemble addresses her style and is functional enough to keep up with the chi-ren.

~Coco Brown Pea Coat - Everyone does the black, why not change it up a bit. Plus it's been chilly out these days.

~Columbia Nubby Full Zip Sweater - I like the the fact that it's still in the brown family but contrasts and has a full neck that will show when the Pea Coat is buttoned. Plus when you're inside you might still want the warmth of a sweater and the option of zipping. Or maybe you forgot monsta-twuck in the car and need to run out to grab it. :)

~Lavender 3/4 Sleeve Thermal Henley - Just because the skies are gray and gloomy doesn't mean you shouldn't have a pop of color. And the 3/4 sleeves still leave you free to the many hand washes or dish washings without having to worry about rolling them up.

~Purple Plaid Scarf - Again gotta have a pop of color.

~Flower Print Belt - Wishing for Spring.

~Pure Dark Artist Jeans - Nothing beats a good pair of jeans and the dark color is good when a little someone wipes there hands on you. Is that Cheetos dust? :)

~Plum Plaid Cashmere Blend Socks - They just look comfy.

~Sketchers Gaucho Spring Form - Chasing kids isn't always easy but with these kicks at least it'll be comfortable.

Well that's that... My goal from the beginning was to use brown and Lavender as my palette but I didn't realize how hard it would be to find Lavender women's clothing that I actually liked and worked with this outfit. Hope you enjoy the get-up as much I do. Any thoughts, ideas? Anything you'd change, add or keep? The hardest piece to find was a shirt, I'm still not totally into the shirt I chose but like I said.. This was difficult.

And although this was more difficult than I had imagined I had a good time putting this together and choosing clothes that I see "fit" you and your life-style. I look forward to doing this for other people in my life.

... Who's next?

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Erica said...

Hey, what a nice surprise! A post all for me! Love it! And wow, you're good. You totally got my style. I love it all. I LOVE that jacket and the socks, belt, & scarf are awesome! I have a pea coat that I love and it's not black..it's navy blue but I could totally use a brown pea coat! :) Oh, and I have a pair of brown sketchers very similar to those! I'm with you on the shirt. I love the purple but I'm so-so on the shirt. Although under the sweater, I think it would work. I really do love those socks. I HATE white socks and rarely wear them. I love fun socks and those socks are too much fun!

Cool, I love this! I can't wait to see who's next. When you get a chance, you'll have to totally do Jerry. He's an old soul that husband of mine! :)