Friday, February 05, 2010

The Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection

My boy Reno just tipped me off to a new collection of Star Wars gear coming out this year thanks to Lucasfilm and Adidas. Inspired by the legendary films you know these kicks are going to be one of the hottest products this year.

The collection for the first season is split into three packs -- The Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack and the Direct Pack. You can get down on the Characters pack now but you're gonna have to wait until march for the Vehicles Pack.

Want more? You can also find shirts, hoodies and other apparel within the line. Visit
Whether you're a 'Star Wars' fan, a pop culture aficionado or a sneaker freak, I know you gonna dig this.

In order of personal preference, the top 3 are my favorites...

Adidas Yoda
Star Wars ZX700 Yoda Boat shoe mixes earthy colors with textured details.

Adidas Skywalker
"The Adidas S.W. Luke Skywalker is a tribute to both the Skywalker 80s shoe, as well as the Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker. Built from a mix of leather and textile, this piece is modeled after Luke's orange X-wing flightsuit."

Adidas At At - Vehicle Package drops in March.
Like the machine itself these shoes are some big stomping show stoppers.

Adidas TIE Fighter - Vehicle Package drops in March.
Clean, simple and most definitely Star Wars inspired.

Princess Leia
I'm not one to rock vibrant shoes but these are sweet, I know some folks that can pull these.
"Inspired by the metal bikini Leia had to wear while Jaba's captive, the adidas Star Wars Princess Leia Game Mid is a spicy swirl of gold, silver, the signature maroon of the Lashaa silk used in that outfit."

Adidas X Wing - Vehicle Package drops in March.

Adidas Millennium Falcon - Vehicle Package drops in March.

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