Monday, February 08, 2010

My 101... Doin' it. Or not.

#5. Change Light Bubls.
New and awesome energy saving bulbs cost a watt of money... Haha get it a watt... a lot... Uhh, okay. Yeah. I'll just wait until my current bulbs fade away, they've lasted for the most part a little over 3 years now so it just seems wastefull to toss out what's good and working.

#6 Sign a Hobo.
Probably never going to happen, I never stop, plus I don't have a camera to capture the moment.

#7. Finally Go on Honeymoon.
What’s this honeymoon you speak of? Seriously, it’s been nearly three years and The Wifey and I have yet to take a honeymoon much less a holiday. Life happens and currently trips aren’t in the plans. Someday.

#8. Visit Mom.
This one is much harder to do than one would think. As cliché as it sounds The Wifey and I are usually pretty busy, we are habitual planners. And the way our work schedule is we try to make as much time for each other as possible, so our calendar tends to be booked at least a month in advance. Add to the fact that my mom champs it up with 2 gigs, her time is pretty much locked up too. That lady works far too hard… But I do get over there as much as possible, even if it is just sitting on the couch watching cop chases and catching up. Love you mom.

#9. Visit Grandma and Grandpa.
Unfortunately I missed too many opportunities to visit with Grandma, I love you and miss you everyday. And as much as I hate to think about it, just typing it out sucks that much more, that I don’t spend any time with Grandpa. I just need to make time for Grandpa.

#11. Vacuum at Least Once a Month.
Okay I’m sure you’re reading this and imagining my house as some dust-filled dungeon. NO. I am a rabid vacuumer -Yeah that’s a word- and I do vacuum at least once a week sometimes every two weeks. What I mean with my once-a-month vacuuming is a detailed cleaning. When I pull that dust sucking machine out I get down and dirty getting the house dust free. That includes dusting, cleaning glass, wiping, moving furniture, removing couch cushions & pillows sweeping and banging the dust out of rugs. I get so detailed with this that it nearly takes all day and I’m sore by the end of it all. And I usually hate myself for being so detailed when I’m finished.

#12. Paint (Interior of House).
I wasn’t much a part of this goal but it got done. The Wifey’s mom and aunt came over to the house some time after Christmas to help paint Cash’s room and his bathroom. I wasn’t much assistance because I was so shittily ill, I painted a bit then sat down on the couch. At some point I faded out, got up and woke in my bed, to a completely painted nursery. Nice job ladies.

#17. Learn a Full Song on Guitar.
Pfft. I don’t have the patience to learn or teach myself a full song. I can learn intro’s or bits but never seem to put a whole piece together. At least I can do that much; that beats the “Rock Band Hero” on expert any day in my book.

#19. Maintain my Yard (I want it to be the BEST).
The Wifey and I put many a day of work into our yard. But that somehow isn’t ever enough. Should’ve gotten a Condo! With the high Texas heat and drought scorching sun we’d have to make more money for the “vanity” of watering our yard and flower beds on a daily. We try, we really do try. Spring always look the best.

#20. Write Again (Journal, Blog).
Here I am. :)


Anonymous said...

As I was looking at your list, I couldn't help but remember you have done a few of them already but they are not marked off. The numbers being 25, 95, 96, and I belive 97. Doing that whole P90X should have crossed all these off, right?

DY said...

Yes sir, you're exactly right. I just haven't blogged about these so I haven't crossed them off yet. Good looking out.