Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mad Men Style

I don’t currently watch Mad Men, but as soon as I finally finish The Sopranos I plan on getting into it. Yeah, I’m barely watching The Sopranos. I’m not a big sit-down and watch TV kind of guy. Please no spoilers; I HATE that, although I do know pretty much how it ends. ‘Nuf ‘bout that… As I was saying, I don’t watch Mad Men but I certainly do dig that era and style.

There’s just something about a dapper gentleman that in the back of my mind I have always aspired to be. Not long ago I was reminiscing about a time when I was young and remember thinking that “some day I was going to be a boss and wear suits”. I remember watching old movies with my mom from different era’s in time and telling her that I was born in the wrong time. My youthful mind would run wild imagining myself if different decades, wondering who’d I be and what I’d do.

I’m no Marty McFly and I don’t know Doc Brown so I won’t traveling back in time and/or back to future anytime soon, as awesome as that would be. I can only create my style by taking note of better dressed men of now and then with my own personal spin. Last Fall Brooks Brothers announced that they would be selling a limited edition “Mad Men” suit endorsed by the hit AMC drama, with the assistance of the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant. The suit was on sale from Oct. 19th through Nov 8th and retailed for $998. Where's Doc Brown when I need him?

Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers

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