Friday, February 26, 2010

My 101: Doin It

# 25 Get Healthy (Diet and Exercise)
On March 2nd 2009 I started The P90X workout. And let me just say, dayamn, I was not prepared for the high intensity of this program. The first week was K-I-L-L-E-R! Never in my life have I had to cut short any physical activity due to physical exhaustion but this program nearly brought me to my knees in the first week. I almost lost my lunch, my body was aching and I was getting dizzy. And I enjoyed it, I knew those were signs that my physicality was waining and I needed a swift kick in the ass.

I was also pretty excited about the diet, the program came with a couple of informative books, one of which was a nutritional guide. When people see me and/or hear me talk about dieting they get the misconception that diet means that I am trying to cut calories and lose weight. But that isn't what diet means. I have never officially been on a diet although I've always been aware of what I eat and try to maintain a healthy diet. With the P90X Nutritional guide I was given so much information on what to eat and how much to eat. Now, I didn't follow my plan exactly mostly because it was difficult with my schedule and The Wife's, Friends & Families eating habits. I'm also not calling anyone out or throwing anyone under the bus, but when families have gatherings a feast is bound to happen and I am bound to partake. However, I did eat as good as I could and I was serious about not eating anything bad most of the time. I also rarely drank alcohol, maybe a beer or two or a Bloody Mary but nothing like I was used to.

# 95 Crunches At Least 3 Sets
I did a ridiculous amount of crunches during the P90X program. I don't know the exact number but trust me, it was a lot.

#96 Push Ups At least 3 Sets
... Every other day. This didn't go quite as planned but when I started this list I wasn't aware of The P90x program. I know I was working at this before I started the program but while on the program I knocked out 1,350 in 19 days. That's about 71/day and I'm satisfied with that.

# 97 Buy and USE a Pullup Bar
During the program I did pullups only 18 days, I skipped some days , once because I was sick and another because my left wrist was killing me and I couldn't lift myself. But during those 18 days I did 907, about 50/day.

It's been almost a year since I started the program and I'm really disappointed in myself for not keeping it going. Like Tony Horton says, "Do you best and forget the rest". "Bring It!"
For those of you familiar with the program, yes I do have before and after pictures but the aesthetic results don't really show as much as the way I felt after the program. After the and even during the program I felt stronger and my endurance was better but pictures don't capture that.

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