Monday, February 01, 2010

Clothes to Yoakum

In the past I've gone on and on about how I want a nice pair of boots, something I can be proud of that only get better with age. The Wife hates the look of boots and and especially hates it when I decide to wear them. According to her there is only one person that can pull off the look, but yeah I don't care. I want some and I'd rock them every chance I had.

And this weekend's trip would have been an opportune time to rock some Lucchese's. Yessir, some snip toes. If I had it my way, and the cash flow this would have been my attire for the Yoakum trip. I mean, this is Texas.
Olive Green & Brown Brimmed Beanie - Gotta keep the dome warm.
Green Plaid Western Style Shirt - Preferably with Pearl Buttons.
Walnut Sandstone Sierra Sherpa Lined Jacket - Carhartt.
Low Rise Boot / Medium Original Indigo - AE Outfitters.
Goodhew Southampton Socks - Merino Wool
Lucchese® 1883 Snip Toe Boots - Chocolate Mad Dog.


Anonymous said...

Dave bought some Ostrich boots during Christmas when he was in El Paso. He worn then to work, church, out everywhere. And we live in Virginia.

DY said...

But He's a Texas boy right? From El Paso? I bet they look nice.

Erica said...

Steve rocks boots all the time! Oh & Jerry's dad bought 2 cowboy hats and a pair of boots on his last trip out here...and he's a tried & true Los Angelian!