Monday, October 04, 2010

A Tradition Begins

Having a child affords you the opportunity to create and or include new family traditions in your life. With the addition of Lil Money to our family headquarters The Wife and I have been eagerly waiting every opportunity to do something new with the changing of each season. The Autumn season is already proving to be a fun time for La Familia and it's just begun.

Sweet Berry Farms Plus

All smiles for the road trip.

Pumpkin Patch.

Attack of the Giant Pumpkins.

Chillin in a sea of orange.

Unusual row of Pumpkins.

We should have gotten one of these.

Father and Son.

Pumpkins on a boat.

After the photo session with Lil Money we headed over to the other side of the Sweet Berry Farms so the lades could snip some beautiful flowers.

Beauty and function.

Greeted by a scare crow.

After a morning full of sun, it was time for some grub and relaxing... When we left SBF we didn't have a destination in mind but we were all getting very hungry and decided to stop in at Jack Allen's Kitchen in Oak Hill.

The Wife had the Green Chile Cheese Burger - It's Austin Burger Bracket worthy.

I had the Green Chile Pork Tacos - They were about as good as this picture.

Lil Money had a Lemon. :)


Erica said...

I forgot you changed your blog address. I had to hunt down the email you send with the new link. I love that last picture! :)

DY said...

Haha yeah, he didn't hate it as much as that picture would have you believe. :)

The Garcia Newlyweds said...

nice post! where was that pumpkin patch? looks like fun! nice pics as well!

DY said...

Thanks. The place is called Sweet Berry Farms and its in Marble Falls.

CKY said...

You took some good pictures!

DY said...

Thanks. Its funny but. -Ha, I said funny butt.- its funny cause when I took some of them I thought about the blog. Wow.