Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Monday: Drew Rome EP

Drew Rome EP, dedicated to my kid brother. I am 10 years his senior but somehow find a lot of common ground when it comes to our musical interests. Maybe that’s because I influenced his tastes with my own or maybe it’s cause I took him to his first concert. I’m not sure what it is, regardless though, these are some songs that I think of when I think of him. Enjoy.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: I can still hear your singing "can you feel da wuuuv tonight". Haha. Many days were spent watching Disney movies one after another and sometimes the same one again and again. This is memory that I will have forever. Sometimes it's hard to imagine you as anything else other than my baby brother even though Pumpkin has grown into a Pumpkin Patch, haha. Good times.  

Whoomp There it is: This was an Autumn Saturday must during football season heading to the field on game day. “Whoomp der it is, again, again” And then again over the PA system as my team took the field. This song set it off and got us hype, it was fun and we could all sing along to it… Plus Obama is in the video (@ 1:00). Even today, when I hear this song, I am taken back to a full car, uniform on and the speakers blasting. Good times.

Degeneration X Theme: Wrestling has captivated fans for generations and in our house that rang true. When degeneration X formed, it changed everything. That crew was a force and the theme song set the scene for what was to come. When the echoing guitar was strummed, no matter what we were doing, eating, relaxing or in another room, I remember running to the living room jumping on the arm rest of the couch and dropping the X. Damn, that song hypes me up.

7 Words: One of my all time favorite bands and one of my favorite songs, this tracked hyped me up as I paralleled your words “again again” to myself on my way to your football games. Yessir, I’d blast this song on repeat in your honor as I fired myself up for your games. You were always there for me back in the day so this was my tribute to you. I know you’re not a Deftones fan, but you’ll eventually realize. [Official Video]

Elton John (Lion King Version) - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Tag Team - Whoomp There it is

Degeneration X Theme Music

Deftones - 7 Words

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