Thursday, October 07, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?!

I'm ready for Friday, I'm ready to begin the weekend... Not that I have any big plans or anything like that going on. I am one of the unlucky few, depending on your stance, who won't be attending this years Austin City Limits Festival but that's fine with me as I plan on taking it easy this weekend with some football (Pittsburgh @ Notre Dame and Tennessee @ Dallas), and saving my energy and money for next weekends Fright Fest trip.

With that said, I am still looking forward to the weekend, not waking up (too) early and as far as I'm concerned a well deserved adult beverage, maybe some vino or maybe a cold brew. Recently however, I have been -I don't want to say craving- but for lack of a better word, craving a Guinness. I haven't had one since, well I was going to say since last football season when I enjoyed the 250th Anniversary Stout, but that's not true cause I had one a couple of months or so back at a going a away party. Regardless of the specifics, I think it's time I reacquaint myself with the deep-dark velvety goodness, that is Guinness Draught.

Bring on the weekend.

How Bout Them Cowboys?!

Looking forward to it.
Advertisements never lie.

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