Sunday, October 03, 2010

Music Monday: Caca EP

Today's Music Monday post, Caca EP, is for my older sister. Each of the tracks are tied to memories I have of her or with her, whether she knows it or not. 

Come out and Play (Keep'em Separated): I was in my last year of middle school and knew it all when I first heard this song, didn't think much of it all either. I was spending the day with my sister when we met up with one of her friends and her friend's younger brother, I don't remember where we were headed but this song came on in the car and they both said hey guys listen to this... We did and, yeah it sucked ass (I was strictly Rap & R&B at the time), they told us how it was about young people and how they could pretty much do anything without any consequences. I didn't like the song then, but I grew up, opened my mind and now when it comes on, it jams. 

1979: I chose this song because I've pretty much always liked it. But I also chose this song because of the album, Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, I remember seeing the cover art in her room and just being hypnotized by it, I didn't understand it but I liked it. And now as an adult I own it. [Official Video]

Buddy Holly: C'mon, this is Weezer, this is Buddy Holly, this is Happy Days. I first saw this video when my sister yelled out to me to come see... And wow, I was amazed at what I saw, a current band playing the stage at Al's, it doesn't get any better than that. Or so I thought, because it got better when The Fonz busted out his dance moves. 

Strange Overtones: I don't use names in my blogs so, Caca do you remember a conversation we had many minutes ago, when I had dreams of being a singer-songwriter? Well I said I wanted to write a song that paralleled music and love, I started writing it, but lost the spiral I had it in and each time I tried again, I just couldn't get it. Well, if I were a skilled singer-songwriter, this is the song I would have written. Enjoy. 

Offspring - Come out and Play (Keep'em Separated)

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Weezer - Buddy Holly

David Bryrne & Brian Eno - Strange Overtones

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Music Monday, keep it locked, you could be next. 


Erica said...

Ha! Caca EP! I love it! And no, I had no idea that you had songs tied to memories of me. These were all during my high school years so you must have been in junior high. So glad I had some influence in your ultimate taste in music! :)

1. I haven't heard that Offspring song in forever! Was that Michelle we were with!? I can't remember what friend that might have been. Although I listened to a lot of Offspring and Sound Garden with her so it was probably Michelle and her brother Anthony.

2. Oh the Smashing Pumpkins. Still one of my all time favorite bands. I still adore that album!! Oh & I still have my t-shirt from that concert tour. It has that very artwork you speak of. :) It's safely tucked away with some of my other fave tees from various concerts. Disarm from the Siamese Dream album is my fave SP song though. Love, love, love it!

3. Weezer...oh my gosh that Buddy Holly video is fantastic! I hadn't seen that in a while either. Memories!

4. Love it!

Thanks for the post! All those great memories. I'm touched!

DY said...

Glad you enjoyed the post.

1. I think the friend was Michelle and Anthony, those names kinda ring a bell.

2. Disarm is a jam too. I was actually singing it the other day, it just popped in my head out of no where and has been there ever since.

3. Awesome dance moves.