Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

I can not wait to see this movie. Last year my brother, Drew Rome, CHUBBS and I went to see the first film and we dug it. Initially I wasn't that into it after seeing it -I did have a bit of a hangover and wasn't really feeling it- but as I thought about it later, I knew that this would be the perfect movie to watch at home late at night. Or better yet, I was talking to a buddy of mine and said that we should trade houses for the night and watch the movie in an unfamiliar surrounding. You know, cause you're used to the little nuances of your own home, the creaky step, the sound the A/C makes just before it turns on, the refrigerator and the shadows of trees peaking in the windows. That would be awesome. I probably wouldn't sleep much but still.

Last night after putting Lil Money to bed, I continued with my normal routine of straightening up the living room and washing dishes. The television was on and the trailer for PN2 came on, it got my attention immediately, as I am a sucker for horror movies. Anyhow, it was late, the house was dimly lit and damn, did the trailer spook me. Especially the part where... Well, check out the the trailer below and let me know how you feel or what creeps you out the most.

Alright, after watching that, who's down to go check it out? It premieres tonight (10/21/10 @ Midnight), but I won't be catching that showing as I have Lil Money duty but soon enough I will set up shop in a dark theatre awaiting the activity.


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