Saturday, December 01, 2007

#46 Bathe Cats (1/3)

Mia and Marley are SO spoiled!
I mean, they've got it made! Strictly indoor cats just relaxing the days away, sunning in the window, sleeping in a bed from World Market, the best food and all the love a cat can be spoiled with. If you're still not convinced these felines aren't spoiled then get this, Crystal and I pretty much bought our house so they could have room to run around in and have their own comfortable place.

Mia & Marley
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With that said Crystal and I still bathe them once or twice a year to keep their coats "So fresh and so clean, clean!" This is definitely one pampering they don't prefer! Well Marley especially, she HATES the bath and screams bloody murder the whole time (About 5-10 minutes). Mia on the other hand has no problem with it and just accepts it for what it is... She likes to play in sinks and tubs and plays in her water bowl sometimes so she has no issues with water and bathing. She "relaxes" as much as possible, knowing it's not hurting and will be over soon enough.

Oh the fun!
Marley (Apparently after defeating death)
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Mia ("Behind the ears!")
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Erica said...

I can't believe you bathe the cats! We're such bad feline parents. Our have never received a single bath!!