Monday, December 03, 2007

#102 Hang Towel Bars in the Bathroom

Yes, Number 102! I'm a bit of an over achiever! Actually I just see it as extra credit (make up for other things). haha!

Whooo! It's warm now! After working in the yard all morning I need something cooler to do, something indoors. I got it! I've been meaning to go to Home Depot to get a Chuck Key for the drill so I can get our towel bars hung... Finally! =)

So, off I go to Home Depot... Windows down, cool breeze and warm sun compliment my ride!
Got the key and now the task at hand, FLAWLESSLY hanging the towel bars! Geez, this isn't cooler at all! I'm stuck in a stuffy bathroom, lights on baking myself! Stay calm Diego, you're gonna get it and get it right! And that I did an hour or so later!

And I know My beautiful wife is glad I finally accomplished this goal! ;)
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Towel Bar
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New Mirrors
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CKY said...

I am extremely excited about the towel bars.. Does that mean I'm officially old??

Erica said...

Hey, that looks great!!