Thursday, December 13, 2007

#10 Go Camping

Pack it up, pack it up, let's begin!

Finally, after months of talk the much anticipated camping trip was put into action!
The list of necessities was exhausting and the weather was a tad bit of concern but we all had been waiting for this trip for quite some time. ...One night we nearly up and left on a trip (on a whim) late in the evening with COLD rainy weather on it's way but came to our senses! Good thing we didn't go because the weather was sickening that night and the following day! But that's a whole other story.

Crystal, Joey, Lando, Allison, Reno, Brad & I packed our gear loaded up and headed to Muleshoe Bend for a weekend (12/8-9/07) away from city lights, television and cell phones! The great outdoors!

Crystal and I next to "our" tent. Thanks James!

A VERY BIG thanks to James [Stephanie's better half, haha :)] for letting us borrow his tent! Otherwise we would have been crammed in Brad's tent, or possibly lost sleep in Joey's tent (CRAZY SNORES) or just cozied up in ReAlli's (Reno+Allison) tent. Even though the tent didn't have directions and none of us out there were familiar with it's pole system we figured it out and it definitely made for a more than comfortable tent with all it's extra space. Greatly appreciated James!

Our sleeping quarters. Crystal got the air mattress.

The trip was most definitely a quality ass time with some of the most awesome folks around! The weather was not a concern until we decided it was time to pack up. a nice little bit of rain blew through which had us tossing our gear in any open truck bed available! But we kept ehh somewhat dry and made it out before the mud got to thick to drive though.

I can not wait until the next trip! You guys made the weekend a great one! Next time, CHUBBS better be there!

Brad (Sleeping... It's barely 8:30)

Allison & Reno (Story time)

Joey (Camp Chef)


Diego & Cryatal

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