Sunday, December 02, 2007

#19 Maintain My Yard (I want it to be the BEST)

And I mean that! I want the greenest grass, the most vibrant flowers and strongest trees!

Friday I stayed home sick -YES I was really sick! But there's just something about being home sick when everyone else is either busy or at work that gets to me. I get so antsy and feel like I should be doing something. The house is pretty much clean, the dishes are all washed an put away, I've already cleaned and straightened up the garage. Outside it was rather gloomy and damp but not cold, so I decided I wanted to get at an activity outdoors. I thought about removing the over-taking Morning Glories from the back fence but it was just too muddy for that. Then I realized I hadn't fertilized the yard for the Winter season! So I spent a good amount of Friday morning fertilizing and weeding out the yard.

Sunday... Ahh the laziest day of all! A football day! But the Cowboys already played Thursday against Green Bay and won so I wasn't really interested in anyone else! What to do? It's a great day outside maybe I should get out there and remove some clutter and weeds. And that's what I ended up doing... Removing the Morning Glories I wasn't able to on Friday as well as removing some of the wilting parts of the banana trees and other plants in the yard! Everything looks very nice now... If I say so myself! =)

***Pictures will be posted soon!***

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