Friday, December 28, 2007

#94 Buy Piggy Bank for Quarters

Well... I didn't have to buy a piggy bank.

Why are they called piggy banks anyway? (Off to the internet!)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pygg is a type of orange clay, once widely used for making pottery in the form of jars, cookware and other household items because it was economical.

A piggy bank was originally a "pygg jar". Later, the word "pygg" became less common, and its sound was reinterpreted as "pig"; only then did piggy banks actually begin to be made in the shape of a pig.

The original pronunciation of "pygg" was probably closer to "pug", but over time the pronunciation changed due to the Great Vowel Shift and became a homonym of "pig".

Okay, okay, enough about that... Although that was pretty interesting! Something I never knew nor ever really thought about before. Oh how my blog is full of useful information! haha!

Anywho, I didn't have to buy a "Pygg Jar" because I got one as a gift. Usually for Christmas my boss gives me some comically lame cologne products. Example, you say? Well, last year I got a fine gift set of Stetson, that's right Stetson, Avon's way of saying we should all reek of OLD men! And the year before I received a gift a little more up to date... Hot Bod! haha! Oh, just typing that makes me laugh! I have to say too, that stuff works nothing like the commercials portray it to! I rarely to NEVER had women flocking and/or fighting over me! Okay, yet again I've said too much and not enough! This year my boss got me a neat Guinness can that had pajama pants in it. The cool thing (for me) is that the can not only had the pants in it but it also doubles as a coin can!

Check it:

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