Thursday, December 13, 2007

#61 "Hold My Beer & Watch This" (Do something cool)

So the days leading up the the Mayweather fight this past Friday (12/7/07) there was plenty of televised hype, with pieces on both fighters and an awesome training piece on Mayweather. He was doing sit-ups; but these were no normal sit-ups, at least none I had ever seen before!

This sit-up is like any other sit-up BUT when you get to the "up" position you stand up and throw a couple of punches. Of course when I saw it I knew I had to do it! So I did! On our camping trip I knocked out two in a row. Maybe I could've have done more but not after... "Hold My Beer & Watch This" haha!

Check out this video of Mayweather "Doing Work!" (@ minute 1:10) I can do that!

***By the way... My modified sit-up is nothing like his! :)***

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