Wednesday, November 28, 2007

#105 Cut My Own Christmas Tree

Well hells bells and pouring rain! This would have been the my first time to The Jolly Elf Christmas Tree Farm and one of the funnest events of the holiday season! But due to unexpected "bad" weather in the area we were unable to make the trip out to cut our own tree! =( WAH!
Crystal actually came up with the idea of asking my sister (Her SIL. Haha) if and when her and her family were planning on making the trip. We got the information, set a date and waited anxiously. All the while not even the least bit concerned with the forecast and what it had in store... I mean, not too long ago I wrote a Haiku with the current season in mind! So, we expected just to wait until after Thanksgiving before we chose our tree. But as she does, Mother-Nature stepped in and changed our plans, bringing in a cold and wet weekend! Needless to say the trip was canceled and Crystal and I were bit disappointed.

We decided to do the next best thing, haha, and go to the neighborhood Home Depot and pick an already cut tree. Not as exciting as actually finding the "perfect" tree and cutting it down yourself but, hey, a tree is a tree. =) I think we got a great tree and it's a beautiful Christmas tree!

Better luck nest season! =)

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CKY said...

I am so bummed that this was the last year for that particular tree farm!

Hopefully, we will find another one just as good!